Addressing Issues With Tooth Shape And Size

Once you talk to your dentist about how you would like to change your smile, you can learn about the exciting benefits of cosmetic dental work. The changes that you see can be surprising, and they can certainly be welcome. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can provide guidance on the various flaws that we are ready to address. You may be surprised to learn that treatment can actually help when teeth appear too large, too small, or misshapen in any way that makes them a poor fit for your smile. In addition to providing lasting benefits, these services can be appealing because they require less time and effort than you anticipate! (more…)

Enjoying Smile-Friendly Cavity Treatment

If you want to protect your smile and keep it looking as attractive as possible, take care of it by sticking with a consistent oral hygiene routine, as well as by keeping up with your regular oral health checkups. Doing so will help you preserve the condition of your enamel, keeping your teeth in good shape. Unfortunately, even when people know what they should do to keep their teeth healthy, they can experience problems with dental decay. At this point, you may worry that your smile will be permanently changed, as you may wind up with a filling or crown in a conspicuous space. You can be happy to learn that our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can provide restorative dental work that preserves the way you look. With the right restoration, we can make sure that you enjoy functional support as well as the preservation of your smile! (more…)

Implant Support For Larger Restorations

There are few oral health problems that impact both your dental well-being and smile like tooth loss. When you have several teeth that are missing, it can feel as though the work to regain your complete smile will be out of reach. What you should know is that at our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, you can meet with a prosthodontic specialist to discuss your needs and concerns. We can recommend that you have dental implants placed to hold a larger restoration that will help you regain a full row of teeth. With the support provided by implants, you can actually have an easier time biting and chewing after treatment, and you can enjoy a renewed feeling of confidence in the way you look! There are also oral health benefits from this kind of prosthetic work that you can enjoy. (more…)

Does Your Dentist Provide Same-Day Crowns?

Whenever you have problems with your dental health, it can be reassuring to know that your needs can be promptly met. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can actually help patients enjoy results from treatment in less time than you expect, even when your care calls for the placement of a dental crown. Because we produce lifelike restorations with CEREC technology at our office, we can have a full dental crown designed, produced, and placed in just a single appointment. This reduces the time it takes to complete your restorative dental work, and it can still ensure that your bite function, oral health, and appearance are properly preserved. When damage to your enamel is less significant, we also have the ability to preserve more of your healthy tooth structure through the placement of a partial dental crown. (more…)

Providing Consistent Preventive Dental Care

At home, you should be consistent enough with your smile care efforts to thoroughly clean your teeth every day. You should also protect yourself by sticking with a diet that is low in sugar and less likely to create problems for your enamel. Consistency is important when it comes to seeing your dentist, too. At your regular dental exams, you can count on our Bellaire, TX dental practice to keep your smile in good condition through the years. This is because we provide dedicated teeth cleanings as well as close reviews of your teeth, gums, and jaw movement. Because we have opportunities to warn you about problems that have only recently formed, we can treat you before there are complications that have to be dealt with. (more…)

Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

There are different reasons why people start to lose confidence in how they look when they smile. A common issue is dental discoloration, which can leave your enamel looking dull and unsightly. While discoloration is not always linked to teeth stains—internal issues can also lead to changes in tooth color—problems with stains left by foods and drinks are often the cause of this problem. To address this, our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can provide results with a professional teeth whitening treatment. You actually have different options for treatment, as you can plan an in-office treatment, or you can take home a kit that is personalized for your use at your convenience. (more…)

Improving Your Smile With Clear Aligners

Until you do something about the way your teeth are spaced, you can find it difficult to feel comfortable with your smile. Properly treating problems with gaps and overlaps can lead to welcome cosmetic changes, and your adjustment can also be good for your oral health. If you are interested in straightening your teeth but feel uneasy about using metal braces to do so, you should know that there are alternative treatments available. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can recommend that you begin an adjustment with clear aligners to take care of poor smile alignment. Doing so will help you enjoy the benefits of treatment without making it necessary for you to wear a conspicuous appliance for an extended length of time. (more…)

Discussing Gum Disease With A Specialist

At a regular dental checkup, your dentist can look out for, and address, a number of concerning oral health issues. It is often possible to manage problems with poor periodontal health during a routine visit. However, it is also possible for an infection to become serious enough to require interactions with a specialist. While other practices can ask a patient to visit a periodontal specialist at a different office, our Bellaire, TX dental practice can seamlessly introduce you to someone who is ready to take on more serious gum disease concerns at our practice. This is because our team includes different specialists, including someone who can address more advanced periodontal concerns. (more…)

Harm Done By TMJ Disorder And Bruxism

There are different threats to your smile that should be taken seriously. Cavities are certainly a concern, but you also need to worry about the risk of physical injury certain unresolved issues can pose. One of those issues is bruxism, as a tendency to grind your teeth while you are asleep can have a serious impact on your dental well-being and smile. Bruxism is often connected to poor jaw alignment and movement, an issue known as TMJ disorder. This can make it difficult for you to bite and chew food, it can cause stress on your joints and muscles, and it can make you more likely to have regular headaches as well as issues with neck and shoulder pain. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is prepared to assist you by treating these issues in order to protect your smile and improve your quality of life. (more…)

How Dental Work Restores An Incomplete Smile

You may have a hard time thinking of another oral health problem that is as hard to ignore, or as hard to hide, as tooth loss. Any missing tooth can make trouble for your bite function, while a missing front tooth can be an especially conspicuous issue. When you need to do something about an incomplete smile, you can find that our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you. Through an appointment with our on-site prosthodontic specialist, you can learn about the treatment options available to you, and what the placement of a permanent restoration can do for you. With the support of a dental implant, your replacement tooth can provide reliable bite support as well as protection for neighboring teeth, all while it gives you back confidence in the way you look. (more…)