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Have A Whiter Smile In One Appointment

Did you know that smiling more can boost your mood? If you dislike the appearance of your grin, you may not enjoy showing off your pearly whites, which can potentially affect your attitude. You may feel self-conscious of your yellow or stained teeth. Luckily, Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, has a way to improve the… Read more »

When Was Your Last Dental Checkup?

Professional Man Bellaire TX

Do you remember the last time that you sat in the dental chair for a cleaning and examination? If you are struggling to recall when it was, it is probably time that you make an appointment with your provider. Most people require semiannual checkups every six months, but always be sure to speak with your… Read more »

Dental Exams And Your Periodontal Health

How much should you really expect to learn at a routine dental visit? At a typical appointment, you should find out about more than just what issues you may or may not have with tartar buildup or tooth decay. You should also receive reliable information about your periodontal health. Without the appropriate support, an infection… Read more »

So you get nervous going to the dental office…

Ask most people what their least favorite thing to do is, and many of them will tell you that they are terrified of going to the dentist. Whether they had a bad experience as a kid or just don’t like certain aspects of treatment, the dental office can be a tough place to visit for… Read more »

What do I do with my dentures?

If you or a loved are missing teeth, you may be wondering what the next step is. You might already have dentures and not be sure how to care for them. Read more below to learn everything you need to know about dentures. If you need dentures or your current set is due to be… Read more »

Replacing Missing Teeth by Philip Nauert, DDS

Sometimes a tooth is lost and the patient is faced with what to do to replace it.  All our teeth are important for chewing, speaking and looking our best when we smile.  Fortunately, there are several options to consider.  One option is the dental #implant.  An implant is much like a natural tooth because it… Read more »

2 Minutes 2x Per Day

Part of our job as dentists is to help educate our patients and the public about how to care for their mouth and the mouths of their children. The Academy of General Dentistry has a great patient focused website filled with great information about how to keep your child’s mouth as healthy as possible. There… Read more »

Have you flossed today?

Few of us realize the importance of flossing. It’s one more thing to do and often it is the first thing to be neglected after a person has had her teeth cleaned. I think one of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about flossing came from an article in Reader’s Digest. It said something like… Read more »

Can Chewing Gum Help Control Cavities?

Cavities are caused by dental caries, a bacterial disease in which diet plays a major factor. Sugars, as we know, promote caries and thus cavities. Dentists have regularly told their patients to avoid sugary foods, brush and floss after eating, and if they chew gum, use sugarless gums. A recent article in the Journal of… Read more »

Is your dentist still learning?

Dr. Nauert and Dr. Vaughan believe in the power of continued learning. Dentistry is a constantly changing filled and staying current on the latest trends and technology in the profession is extremely important. Through activities like residency programs, advanced training continuum like the L.D. Pankey Institute, dental study clubs, and other comprehensive CE programs, Dr…. Read more »