Dentistry And Your Comprehensive Health

Think Bellaire TXScientists are discovering more connections everyday between our oral health and the other systems of the body. Bacterial growth is particularly troublesome for your future health. A dental abscess or interior tooth infection can allow tiny germs to start growing within your body. This can spread from a single location in the mouth to the broader area of the jaw.

After the jaw is compromised, these organisms can enter the bloodstream and cause a life-threatening illness called sepsis. It is vital that you address your dental health issues before they reach this point. At Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, we can work to help stop the progression of these dangerous bacteria.


Your Oral Health Makes A Long-Term Difference

Dental care is a process that follows throughout your entire life, and prevention plays a huge role in your ability to stay safe. As you age, the lasting damage from tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene can follow you. Cavities form as a result of the buildup of plaque and tartar on the surface of the enamel. These require a tooth filling to correct and if the situation is ignored, can progress into a painful infection that may need removal through a root canal.

The same bacteria that cause all this harm can continue to grow within the bone of your jaw. This situation can become dangerous to the ongoing stability of your smile. Interior infection within the face is a risky proposition that you should never ignore. These microorganisms can even cause a life-threatening condition known as sepsis, which is an infection of the blood.

Has It Been A While Since Your Last Visit To The Dentist?

You should be setting strict appointments every six months in order to achieve consistent oral health maintenance. While home care is certainly important, an in-office visit is necessary to remove plaque and tartar buildup from the hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.

If it has been longer than that, come in for a baseline to determine your current oral health strength level. Let us work to improve your smile!

Speak With Contemporary Dental In Bellaire, TX

Your dental health plays a significant role in the workings of your entire body. Science is discovering more each day about the connections between your mouth and your comprehensive health. If you have external health concerns such as an auto-immune disease, speak with your dentist about the specific needs that may arise as a result of your condition. Give us a call at Contemporary Dental & Orthodontics in Bellaire, TX at 713-668-9119 to learn more about how a whole body approach could help you to have greater success in your smile future. Schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning and examination to remove plaque and tartar and prevent its lasting harm!