Category: Restorative Dentistry

How A Dental Crown Can Successfully Restore A Cracked Tooth

While a relatively minor crack may seem like a minor problem, you should be concerned about the potential threat to your oral health. You might face a situation where the damage weakens your tooth, and negatively impacts your dental function. There is also a chance that the injury can worsen over time, or pose an… Read more »

How Is A Single-Visit Custom Dental Crown Created?

While many practices can provide durable, dependable dental crowns, they typically require you to trust a temporary crown while your permanent restoration is made at a different location. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can actually cut out this waiting period, and provide you with a reliable, durable, and attractive restoration! At our office, we use… Read more »

Will People Notice My Dental Crown When I Smile?

While you might be impressed by the convenience and durability of a CEREC dental crown, you can be happy to know that it will NOT call attention to itself when you smile. You may be perfectly happy to tell people about your crown, but you can be understandably less excited to have a restoration drawing… Read more »

Preserving Your Smile By Placing A Crown After A Cavity

You may be well aware of how a cavity’s effect on your tooth is permanent, but you might not realize just how harmful decay can be if it is not properly addressed. Your tooth structure can be seriously impaired, which can leave you at risk for biting troubles, and future infections. When the damage to… Read more »

3 Things You Can Count On From Your CEREC Dental Crown

When you receive a dental crown, you can understandably wonder what, exactly, you can count on that crown to do. Is it safe to put your full bite pressure on this restoration? Will it look anything like a natural tooth? How long will its support last? Your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide an attractive, durable… Read more »

Designing Your Dental Crown At Your Dentist’s Office

For a dental crown to offer the best experience possible, it should be perfectly sized for your tooth. To make sure that your crown provides you with such an exact fit, your Bellaire, TX dentist uses digital technology located in the office to measure it. This is one of the first steps in a larger… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To Have Your Injured Tooth Restored?

The idea of a long wait for dental treatment can be particularly off-putting if you have an injured tooth. This is a situation people sometimes find themselves in, as they can be stuck waiting for their dentist to receive the dental restoration they need from a dental lab. However, your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide… Read more »

Addressing The Harmful Effects Of Advanced Dental Decay

Even when a cavity is newly formed, and small, it is a concern your dentist will have to address. Promptly addressing restorative dental work can limit how much your tooth is ultimately affected by decay. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to recognize that something is wrong until the problem becomes serious enough to affect their pulp,… Read more »

We Have Technology To Make Your Custom Crown At Our Office!

What are you supposed to do when your tooth is injured, or seriously affected by decay, and you have no restoration to protect it? Because restorative dental work at many offices requires dental crowns made in third party labs, patients are left with temporary crowns until their permanent restoration is ready. Our Belllaire, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Restored After A Serious Cavity

If a cavity is given enough time, a tooth can experience serious problems related to decay. If you are not keeping up with regular dental exams, you may not realize that you have an issue with a cavity until you start feeling the unpleasant symptoms of a tooth infection. At this stage, it will take… Read more »