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Fielding Questions About Implant Dentistry

Someone who has just one missing tooth can experience problems with their confidence, their bite function, and their dental health. Whether you have a gap from a single missing tooth or need to address multiple losses, you can gain important benefits from an implant-held restoration. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we have helped many… Read more »

We Can Address Significant Dental Concerns

Returning to the dentist’s office after a long break, or when you are aware you have problems, can feel daunting. One concern shared by many is the possibility that they will have to meet with a specialist about their oral health concerns. This can complicate your care, require more appointments, and generally put more steps… Read more »

We Can Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Any damage to your tooth structure can be a concern. Until treatment occurs, an unhealthy tooth can make eating more uncomfortable, and it can also stop you from smiling with full confidence. Of course, while unhealthy teeth are a concern, the loss of teeth can be a bigger, more intrusive issue! Losing teeth makes you… Read more »

What You Gain With Access To Same-Day Crowns

When your dentist tells you that you need a dental crown, you can be less than thrilled. With that said, our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can take care of your tooth in less time than you expect, and we can do so without changing your appearance. Our practice uses technology to produce dental crowns that… Read more »

Using Technology To Provide Same-Day Crowns

Why should you make treatment a priority if you have a cavity? When dental decay is not addressed in time, the damage to your enamel can become so serious that you need more than  just a dental filling to protect your tooth. Eventually, the harm will call for a dental crown, a larger restoration that… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Support Dentures?

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When you look into receiving dentures, you can appreciate that a removable appliance can give you back your full smile. However, you may have questions about how comfortable it will be, and how much functional support it can provide. If you are someone who already relies on a removable denture, jawbone deterioration may have affected… Read more »

Restoring Your Incomplete Smile

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If you have missing teeth, it can be hard to enjoy certain foods, and difficult to smile without feeling self-conscious. Problems with tooth loss can actually grow worse over time, leading to new difficulties. As time passes, you can lose jawbone density because of problems with a lack of stimulation from tooth roots. You can… Read more »

Placing Same-Day Dental Crowns

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The work involved in restoring a tooth is important, as it should keep you safe from further oral health issues and preserve your ability to bite and chew without difficulty. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can take on problems that call for treatment with dental crowns in as little as one appointment. Because… Read more »

Why Are My Dentures Starting To Feel Loose?

Dentures are made for individual patients, with care taken to ensure that they fit comfortably and are easy to keep in place. Unfortunately, they can begin to feel less secure as time passes. This lack of support can become an issue due to jawbone deterioration, which occurs after losing teeth. What can you do to… Read more »

Using A Same-Day Crown To Address A Severe Cavity

When a cavity forms, it becomes necessary to arrange restorative dental treatment. Decay causes permanent harm to your tooth structure, which your dentist addresses by placing a dental filling or dental crown. Two different approaches are taken because, simply put, some cavities do more damage than others. If you wait too long to schedule treatment,… Read more »