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We Provide Attractive Restorations For Your Cavity Treatment

Are you in danger of needing dental work in the near future? Protecting your teeth with good brushing and flossing habits, and a smart diet, can help you keep your smile in good shape. With that said, people can arrive at the dentist’s office feeling confident, only to learn they have an issue with tooth… Read more »

What Should I Do If I Need Emergency Smile Care?

Because your semiannual dental checkups can be planned well in advance, you may be unsure of how easy it is to arrange a meeting with your Bellaire, TX dentist with little notice. If you find yourself in need of urgent attention because of a toothache, or because you experience an injury that affects your smile,… Read more »

Is Daily Stress Having An Effect On Your Dental Health?

Periods of stress can have a negative effect on your mood, and prolonged episodes can start to have an impact on your well-being. One thing you should be mindful of is the way your stress levels might affect your oral health. It can feel tempting to rush or skip brushing and flossing your teeth. You… Read more »

Addressing Active Problems With Your Dental Health

When you see your dentist for a routine dental exam, you can understandably hope to receive good news about your oral health. Sometimes, patients who feel that their teeth are in good condition can find that there is a concern that will need to be addressed. You could show signs of gum disease, or you… Read more »

Addressing A Cavity That Causes An Internal Tooth Infection

The right way to respond to tooth decay changes based on how badly affected your tooth is by your cavity. When too much time passes, your tooth can become sensitive or painful due to an infection. This happens when a cavity exposes your pulp, which welcomes oral bacteria to enter and attack the tooth’s living… Read more »

What Role Can Dental Implants Play In Addressing Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss is a particularly serious, and particularly aggravating, oral health problem to experience. You can be alarmed by what the loss of a single tooth does to the way you look, and you can quickly discover that this problem affects your dental function. Dental implants offer patients the ability to keep a prosthetic stable… Read more »

Taking Care Of Your Smile While Addressing Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is certainly a cause for concern – the damage to your tooth is not reversible, and the problem only worsens until you seek proper restorative dental treatment. With that said, you can feel decidedly less concern about the care your Bellaire, TX dentist provides when you have a cavity. Our practice proudly provides… Read more »

What Can Your Dentist Do About Your Chipped Tooth?

Chipping your tooth can hurt, and it can hurt your smile. What should you do if you find yourself with a chip that is hard to ignore? Even if it is relatively minor, this problem can certainly affect the way you look. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can meet with you to examine the issue, and… Read more »

Making Your Trip To The Dentist’s Office More Comfortable

Modern dental work can help you feel better about your smile, as your Bellaire, TX dentist uses modern materials that can improve the look of teeth that seem unattractive. This care can also help you prevent troubles, as regular dental checkups give you early warnings about problems, and protection in the form of thorough dental… Read more »

Restore Your Smile By Seeking A Modern Dental Prosthetic

Tooth loss can be disastrous for your smile, particularly if you have a hard time keeping it hidden from view. You can also find that your daily life is made more difficult by the absence, as your gap can intrude on practical jaw functions like biting, chewing, and speaking. What you should know is that… Read more »