We Can Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Any damage to your tooth structure can be a concern. Until treatment occurs, an unhealthy tooth can make eating more uncomfortable, and it can also stop you from smiling with full confidence. Of course, while unhealthy teeth are a concern, the loss of teeth can be a bigger, more intrusive issue! Losing teeth makes you more likely to experience more oral health difficulties, including the loss of additional teeth. You can also struggle to bite and chew with confidence, and you can grow uncomfortable with the way you look. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help. We actually have a specialist on site who assists those who want to replace missing teeth. With the right treatment approach, we can give you back your confidence in the way you look, as well as in your oral health!

Tooth Loss Is An Embarrassing And Concerning Oral Health Issue – We Can Help

Many people feel embarrassed and self-conscious by the gaps in their smile, even if they are relatively difficult to see. Beyond causing cosmetic issues, this problem interferes with your bite function, and it makes teeth next to existing gaps more vulnerable to becoming loose, and eventually lost themselves. While it can be frustrating to live without your full smile, the idea of prosthetic dental work can feel intimidating if you are not sure what your treatment options really are. Because our team includes a specialist in prosthodontic treatments, you can rely on your family dental office to help fully restore your smile and improve your oral health!

Planning Your Prosthetic Dental Work

Prosthetic dental work can focus on the replacement of a single tooth, or it can take care of more significant losses. We can recommend different appliances based on your needs and concerns. By securing permanent prosthetic appliances, we can give you more than just cosmetic improvements. Your treatment can improve your bite function, it can support your neighboring teeth, and it can even provide health benefits for your jaw! Valuable support can come from the dental implants that serve to hold teeth in position.

What Patients Gain From Dental Implant Support For Restorations

Dental implants stabilize prosthetic appliances, which can lead to several long-term benefits. One benefit is that the implants can stimulate your jawbone, something that your teeth roots used to do in order to keep nutrients moving to the bone tissues. In addition to providing this support, the implants will effectively keep restorations in place without altering neighboring teeth, and allow you to more confidently bite and chew foods that you previously felt you could not enjoy.

Your Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office Is Here To Help You Restore Your Incomplete Smile

Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to help those who are affected by tooth loss. If you want to learn more, or if you have questions about any other services we provide, call Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics today at 713-668-9119.