Category: Restorative Dentistry

The Value Of Timely Cavity Care

It may be hard to feel good about the news you have problems with tooth decay, but it is beneficial to receive an early warning about a cavity. Timing is important when it comes to restorative dental work. The more time it takes for a problem to be discovered, the more likely you are to… Read more »

Selecting And Placing The Right Crown

With the right restorative treatment, you can leave the dentist’s chair confident that your smile and oral health are being properly preserved. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can provide reliable support so that your tooth is kept safe after an injury or cavity affects it. In order to offer long-term protection while keeping… Read more »

Helpful Information About Treating Tooth Loss

By treating tooth loss, our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can treat problems that interfere with your dental function, appearance, and oral health. We are ready to help patients with this problem whether they have a single tooth to replace or several. In fact, you can actually meet with an on-site specialist, Dr. Sudarat Kiat-Amnuay, to… Read more »

Enjoying Smile-Friendly Cavity Treatment

If you want to protect your smile and keep it looking as attractive as possible, take care of it by sticking with a consistent oral hygiene routine, as well as by keeping up with your regular oral health checkups. Doing so will help you preserve the condition of your enamel, keeping your teeth in good… Read more »

Implant Support For Larger Restorations

There are few oral health problems that impact both your dental well-being and smile like tooth loss. When you have several teeth that are missing, it can feel as though the work to regain your complete smile will be out of reach. What you should know is that at our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, you… Read more »

Does Your Dentist Provide Same-Day Crowns?

Whenever you have problems with your dental health, it can be reassuring to know that your needs can be promptly met. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can actually help patients enjoy results from treatment in less time than you expect, even when your care calls for the placement of a dental crown. Because… Read more »

How Dental Work Restores An Incomplete Smile

You may have a hard time thinking of another oral health problem that is as hard to ignore, or as hard to hide, as tooth loss. Any missing tooth can make trouble for your bite function, while a missing front tooth can be an especially conspicuous issue. When you need to do something about an… Read more »

Providing Effective Cavity Treatment Options

How important is dental work when you have a cavity? If nothing is done about dental decay, you can develop a painful infection, and serious damage to your enamel can occur. Eventually, the problem can deteriorate your oral health to the point where an extraction of the tooth has to take place! At our Bellaire,… Read more »

How Implant Dentistry Improves Daily Life

A person with their full smile can take their dental function and appearance for granted, but someone who loses just one tooth can lose their comfort with both. Unfortunately, tooth loss is a problem for many, one that can lead to worsening trouble over time. You can experience increased bite pain and sensitivity because you… Read more »

A CEREC Crown Can Be Ready In One Visit

When you regularly see your dentist for preventive care and maintain a good oral hygiene routine, you are less likely to need restorative dental work. Unfortunately, oral health problems still affect people who feel they are doing enough to protect themselves. Cavities are a series concern, but there are other threats to your smile. For… Read more »