Using Dental Bridges To Address Tooth Loss

contemporary dental bridges

When you have suffered from tooth loss, even if the case is minor, then you may benefit from the placement of a lifelike and durable dental bridge. This could protect your smile from major complications. In today’s blog, your Bellaire, TX, dentist talks about our traditional and implant-secured dental bridges!

The Impact of Minor Tooth Loss

When we lose a tooth, this could leave behind an embarrassing gap in your smile. Your nearby teeth could drift from position due to this gap, leading to dental misalignment. The gap could also impact how you eat and speak, and could simply cause you to feel self-conscious about smiling in pictures. To avoid issues with the health, function, and beauty of your smile, you need to seek treatment. To begin, our team will carefully examine your smile to assess the factors behind your tooth loss and offer a solution that restores your smile and looks great too!

Creating Your Custom Bridge

Once we plan the process, we will numb the teeth on either side of the gap in your smile. We then remove a small amount of structure and take detailed digital impressions and images, which we will use in a dental lab setting to design and craft the finished product. The prosthetic will contain the pontics, or replacement teeth, and crowns as well. We use ceramic to create them because the material can absorb daily bite forces and pressure, and also has the capability to be shaded to blend with the erst of the smile seamlessly, offering a natural appearance.

Traditional and Dental Implant Options

The traditional option is kept in place with the crowns, which we place on the teeth on each side of the gap, known as abutment teeth. This secures the prosthetic firmly in place. This option tends to last about 10 to 15 years, and requires replacement as the jaw ridge changes shape. However, we could also secure them with dental implants. We don’t need to remove structure from abutment teeth, as we instead insert one to two dental implant posts into the jaw directly, which stimulates the growth of issues and allows your prosthetic to stay in place for decades, or possibly a lifetime. We then attach the crown portions of the bridge to these posts.

If you have any questions about how we treat tooth loss with a lifelike dental bridge, or if you have a more severe case of tooth loss, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Our Prosthetics

We would like to help you treat your tooth loss with a lifelike option. If you have questions about prosthetic dental care, then please reach out to Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.