What Should I Do If I Need Emergency Smile Care?

Because your semiannual dental checkups can be planned well in advance, you may be unsure of how easy it is to arrange a meeting with your Bellaire, TX dentist with little notice. If you find yourself in need of urgent attention because of a toothache, or because you experience an injury that affects your smile, you can count on receiving emergency dental treatment. Your immediate concerns can be addressed, and your dentist can work with you to provide the right restorative dental care to ensure your smile is not affected negatively. Modern dental work can also offer great improvements if you need to address superficial dental trauma. (more…)

Is Daily Stress Having An Effect On Your Dental Health?

Periods of stress can have a negative effect on your mood, and prolonged episodes can start to have an impact on your well-being. One thing you should be mindful of is the way your stress levels might affect your oral health. It can feel tempting to rush or skip brushing and flossing your teeth. You can also increase your risk for problems with teeth grinding and TMJ dysfunction. Remember that effective preventive dental care requires you to be consistent with your positive habits. You can count on your Bellaire, TX dentist to help you maintain your smile during regular dental exams. (more…)

Enjoy Great Activities During FUNomenal Spring Break

Spring Break is a great time for family activities. From March 11 through March 15, you can bring your family out to enjoy great fun at the FUNomenal Spring Break event! Discovery Green will host a daily series of activities for kids to enjoy. The events can provide educational fun, as well as some invigorating activity. You can take part for FREE, and help your children have a wonderful Spring Break experience. Because your kids are away from school, Spring Break can also be a good time to schedule pediatric dental checkups. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to meet with patients of all ages in need of dental care. (more…)

Make Sure Everyone In Your Family Receives Great Dental Care

How much attention are you currently paying to oral health matters? For parents, the question can express an interest in more than just what they are doing for their own teeth. After all, once your child’s teeth begin arriving, you need to be aware that oral health threats can affect them. Even if a young child’s first set of teeth are temporary, there are real problems that can affect them. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to work with you during routine dental exams, and we are ready to greet kids in need of pediatric dental care(more…)

Have You Been Avoiding Necessary Orthodontic Work?

Why would someone put off treatment for something that can help improve their oral health, and their smile? When you consider what orthodontic work can do for you, it can seem strange to imagine someone avoiding it. With that said, people sometimes hesitate because they worry about what their experience will be like with braces. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can offer quality orthodontic work, which can lead to great improvements to both your smile and your oral health. You can enjoy more confidence in your appearance, and fix issues with your bite alignment. If your worries over traditional orthodontic appliances have kept you away, you can discuss alternative options. (more…)

Tired Of Trying To Fight Stains With Store Bought Products?

People who want to see their teeth looking their brightest can turn to store bought whitening products when they feel bothered by a buildup of enamel stains. These products can have some benefit, as they can help rid teeth of surface stains. Unfortunately, these efforts can have a limited effect on how someone looks. If you are ready to see more significant changes to your appearance, you can talk to your Bellaire, TX dentist about a professional teeth whitening treatment. A professional whitening procedure can remove stains that can be left behind by over the counter whiteners, and lead to bigger improvements. (more…)

The Trouble With Eating Too Many Sweets

How can you resist a sweet treat from your sweetheart? Candy and other treats can feel ever-present on Valentine’s Day. It could be given to you by a romantic partner, brought into the office by a generous coworker, or simply hard to resist at the grocery store. With that said, remember that being too indulgent in your sweet tooth can lead to the kind of problems that need professional dental care to address. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help you in the event you develop a cavity – you can also count on preventive dental care to help you stay out of trouble. (more…)

Addressing Active Problems With Your Dental Health

When you see your dentist for a routine dental exam, you can understandably hope to receive good news about your oral health. Sometimes, patients who feel that their teeth are in good condition can find that there is a concern that will need to be addressed. You could show signs of gum disease, or you may have a small cavity that has not started to cause you discomfort. The good news is that when problems are identified in earlier points, before they cause distracting symptoms, the restorative dental work needed to tend to your smile can be less involved.  (more…)

The Heights Crawfish Festival Is Taking Place March 2!

On Saturday, March 2, fans of crawfish will have plenty of opportunities to feast on one of their favorite seafood treats during the Heights Crawfish Festival! The event is scheduled to start at 10 am, as festival attendees are welcomed to enjoy a special parade event. After the parade, the events can begin, and you can start enjoying your crawfish! Special events and activities are set to be announced soon. People interested in joining the fun will be admitted for FREE to this fun, and tasty, gathering. While it can be hard to resist our favorite treats from time to time, you should keep in mind that a balanced diet helps you preserve a healthy smile. In addition to making the right diet choices, take advantage of the dedicated preventive care provided by your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office. (more…)

The Value Of Dental Cleanings For Your Long-Term Oral Health

Are you really doing a good job protecting your teeth by brushing and flossing? You need to be consistent with both, and thorough enough to clear away any collections of bacteria or food debris. While diligent daily care is important, and capable of providing meaningful smile support, you should know that these cleanings are not the only preventive care you can enjoy. Every time you see your Bellaire, TX dentist for routine dental services, you can count on support in the form of a professional teeth cleaning. This has real value for your ongoing preventive dental care routine, as it enables you to keep your smile safe, and free of harmful tartar. (more…)