How CEREC Technology Makes Dental Work More Convenient

How much time would you like to spend waiting on treatment for a problem tooth? When a person requires restorative dental care because of a cavity, or due to an injury that damages their tooth structure, they can be eager to have work completed as soon as possible. Our Bellaire, TX dental office is proud to help our patients complete restorative work in less time, thanks to CEREC technology. This technology gives us everything required to plan, design, produce, and place a lifelike dental crown in just one appointment. This means you can have a serious cavity issue treated in a shorter period of time. It also helps us restore a tooth on short notice when a person experiences a dental emergency. (more…)

Crooked Teeth Can Make Proper Chewing And Biting Difficult

What do you have to worry about when you have problems with poor dental alignment? Many people are motivated to seek out orthodontic treatment because they feel unhappy with how they look when they smile because of crooked teeth. What you might not realize is that poor alignment can also interfere with your ability to properly bite and chew. Uneven teeth can make it difficult for you to apply pressure evenly when you bite down. This can lead to problems with jaw pain and sensitivity, and create more work for some teeth than others. At our Bellaire, TX dental office, we can talk to you about the cosmetic benefits of orthodontic work, as well as the benefits an adjustment can offer for your oral health. (more…)

Book An Appointment To Discuss Orthodontic Treatment

While your dentist can bring problems with poor dental alignment to your attention after a routine dental exam, you can be well aware of the problem already. After all, gaps and overlaps can be difficult to overlook when they disrupt the quality of your smile. At our Bellaire, TX dental office, we can talk to you about orthodontic treatment options after a study of your teeth, or when you reach out to ask about a potential procedure. In addition to offering traditional metal braces to perform an adjustment, we do provide appearance-friendly alternative procedures. With clear aligners or lingual braces, you can enjoy straightened teeth without wearing a conspicuous appliance! (more…)

Halloween Candy Can Damage Teeth – Dental Crowns Can Help!

If you want to take smart care of your smile around Halloween, exercise moderation and limit how many sweets you enjoy. Simply put, the increase in sugar consumption people experience around this time of year creates real concerns about tooth decay. Of course, some items can do more than just increase your risk for suffering a cavity in the near future. Hard candies can lead to potentially serious enamel damage, and may result in a person’s tooth being badly chipped or cracked! If your bite into a hard item results in dental damage, our Bellaire, TX dental office is ready to help. With a one-visit dental crown, we can make sure your tooth is promptly restored, and put an end to your concerns about your appearance. (more…)

How Implant-Held Restorations Help To Improve Bite Function

When you lose a tooth, or experience the loss of several teeth, you can quickly realize how important your full smile is to comfortable biting and chewing. Over time, you can create problems with your dental health because you have to overuse certain teeth, making them vulnerable to enamel erosion. You can also put stress on your jaw from awkward movements, and develop issues with TMJ dysfunction. What you might be surprised to learn is that with the right approach to prosthetic dental care, you can enjoy better bite function, even if you need a larger restoration. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we are prepared to help patients enjoy the benefits that come with dental implant-held restorations. In addition to making you more comfortable on a daily basis, you can enjoy the confidence boost that comes with having your full smile back! (more…)

Improving Your Smile By Closing A Gap Between Teeth

Problems with poor dental alignment can create different issues with the way people look. While one individual might have teeth that appear jagged or awkward because of overlaps, another could be self-conscious because they have too much space between teeth. If you feel unhappy with your appearance because of a gap in your smile, our Bellaire, TX dental and orthodontic office is prepared to help! Correcting the alignment and spacing of your teeth can boost your confidence, and it can help correct your bite. If you are concerned about wearing metal braces, we can talk to you about alternative options that can lead to successful changes. In some cases, a smile gap can actually be fixed without orthodontic work, as the problem can be successfully addressed through cosmetic dental treatment. (more…)

Our CEREC Crowns Can Shorten Your Cavity Treatment Time

If you have a cavity, you can be understandably eager to have the problem fully addressed in the shortest time possible. For our patients at our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we use CEREC technology to make sure that cavity treatments requiring dental crowns are completed in as little as one appointment. Practices that lack this technology can receive custom crowns from third party dental labs. This creates an extra step in your restorative dental treatment process, which can lead to a frustrating period where your tooth remains vulnerable. Our office can have your custom crown ready to be placed in one day, so you can have the smile and oral health improvements you require! (more…)

We Can Answer Questions You Have About Clear Aligners

When you hear that your orthodontic work can be completed with a discreet, easily removable appliance, you can be excited. You can also feel unsure about how your experience with these aligners might live up to your hopes. At our Bellaire, TX dental office, we are prepared to help patients of all ages make meaningful improvements to their oral health and appearance with modern orthodontic care. We can help you understand what to expect as you begin an adjustment with Invisalign or ClearCorrect appliances. Because we offer an impressive range of oral health services, we can also discuss further improvements to your smile and oral health that can benefit you! (more…)

Learn About Restorative Work Involving Dental Implants

When a person has lost even one tooth, planning the placement of a dental prosthetic can be an important step in giving them back their confident smile, and their optimal dental function. This work can often involve the placement of dental implants. If you are not familiar with implants, and what they can do for your long-term prosthetic support, you can be understandably curious about this. The implant’s placement makes it possible to restore a portion of a natural tooth not typically replaced by a prosthetic appliance, the root. An implant can give more support to an artificial tooth, making it more comfortable on a typical day. It can also be important for helping you maintain a healthy jawbone over time. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can provide helpful information about the value of dental implants, and work with you on giving you back your full smile! (more…)

Orthodontic Work Can Help Solve A Problem With Your Bite

When you have no issues with your bite function, you may put little thought into the processes of biting and chewing. When jaw problems DO become an issue for a person, they can experience pain as a regular part of their meals and snacks, and may feel discomfort throughout the day. One means of correcting bite problems is the straightening of a person’s teeth. If you have poor dental alignment, you may be moving your jaw awkwardly, leading to stress that builds to TMJ dysfunction. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can provide orthodontic treatment for patients who have problems that affect their bite function. We can also work with you to put an end to ongoing problem with TMJ dysfunction. (more…)