Challenges That People Experience After Losing Teeth

How much trouble can tooth loss really cause a person? If you have lost just one tooth, you can be familiar with the different difficulties your condition can create. You can find it harder to bite and chew certain foods, and may even feel awkward when speaking at times. If you have left tooth loss unresolved for a longer period of time, you may have found yourself bothered by the onset of TMJ disorder, or felt teeth around a gap start to shift and loosen. In time, you can even begin to struggle with jawbone deterioration. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to work with individuals who want to show off a complete smile again. With the use of dental implants, we can place restorations that enjoy permanent support for prosthetic teeth. (more…)

Orthodontic Work Can Lead To More Confidence In Your Smile

Patients with poorly aligned teeth can have a hard time smiling with real confidence. Gaps, overlaps, and other issues that stem from malocclusion can make you unhappy with your overall appearance, and they can also have an impact on your oral health. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, individuals who are affected by these problems can receive help in the form of orthodontic treatment. With the right orthodontic appliance, we can straighten teeth, fixing problems with the way you look while also making improvements to your bite function. We can recommend treatment with traditional metal braces, or we can recommend discreet alternative appliances. (more…)

We Can Shorten Cavity Treatment Times With Same-Day Crowns

The cavity treatment you receive from your dentist will do more than just stop an active problem with decay. To fully take care of you during restorative dental work, it is also necessary to make sure that the tooth is properly protected. With the CEREC technology in our office, our Bellaire, TX dental practice is prepared to design, produce, and place custom crowns in just one appointment! If you need treatment for an advanced cavity, this technology helps us produce and place the restoration you need in less time than other practices can require. These crowns also let us act quickly when you have an injury that calls for restorative dental treatment. (more…)

How Dental Implants Change Your Experience With Dentures

Tooth loss is difficult enough when only one tooth is missing. If you find yourself needing full or partial dentures, your confidence in your appearance and oral health can be badly shaken. You can expect your dentures to give you back a full, confident smile, but can your restoration offer additional benefits? With dental implants to hold your appliance in place, you can find that your restored smile also makes practices like biting, chewing, and speaking more comfortable. Implants help patients by securing restorations to their jaw and keeping them stable. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can work out plans to fully restore your smile by placing an implant-held denture. In addition to enjoying better function, you receive protection against jawbone deterioration. (more…)

What Can You Expect From Treatment With Clear Aligners?

You can be excited to have orthodontic work done, but many people who want to straighten their teeth worry are uncomfortable with the idea of wearing metal braces. Fortunately, flaws like smile gaps and overlapping teeth can be addressed without these traditional appliances. We can instead use clear aligners to fix your smile! At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we provide treatment with both Invisalign and ClearCorrect. With these appliances, you can have your teeth straightened, which can improve the way you look while also leading to positive changes in your bite function and oral health. (more…)

Making Plans To Replace Several Lost Teeth

With just one tooth gone from your smile, you can find that you are not able to bite and chew as comfortably as you used to. Depending on which tooth you lost, you could find yourself unable to smile with confidence, too! Unfortunately, some people will not look into prosthetic dental work until they have lost several teeth. At that point, functional issues can become even more difficult to ignore, and the impact on your appearance can be significant. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help those who need to have several missing teeth restored. After an evaluation, we can talk to you about the restorations that can help you, and discuss prosthetic dental work as part of a larger plan to fully restore your oral health. (more…)

Our CEREC Crowns Can Promptly Address Dental Injuries

How long will you have to tolerate a dental injury before it is restored? At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, patients who experience dental trauma can reach out to us to have a tooth taken care of in as little as one appointment. Our practice is able to respond quickly when patients have chipped, cracked, or otherwise broken teeth thanks to CEREC technology, which allows us to produce same-day dental crowns. These crowns are designed and produced in-house before being set in place. They are made from a ceramic material that matches the look of your healthy enamel, which means their placement addresses the health and cosmetic concerns around trauma. (more…)

Dental Implants Can Keep Your Dentures Stable And Secure

While dentures can give you back your smile, you may wonder how this prosthetic appliance can help you bite, chew, and speak with greater comfort. A removable denture can offer less functional support, and over time it may feel less secure due to problems with jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, these concerns can be addressed when you have dental implants put in place to keep your appliance secure! With a series of carefully placed implants, it is possible to secure a full denture. With this support, you never have to worry that a problem with loose or insecure dentures might embarrass you. Implants also protect you against the loss of density in your jaw, as they provide stimulation that will keep the bone healthy. (more…)

The Role Digital Imaging Plays In Oral Health Care Services

Before we can move forward with a dental procedure, it is important to carefully study and measure a patient’s oral structures. This preliminary work is important for the creation of custom appliances that fit comfortably and effectively do the jobs they are intended to do. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office actually relies on digital imaging technology to capture the images that we need to plan different procedures. Technology like our conebeam CT scanner allows us to capture vivid images and closely study a patient’s teeth and oral structures. With the right planning, we can make sure that patients have successful outcomes when they to us for dental or orthodontic treatment! (more…)

Has A Crooked Smile Been A Problem For Your Oral Health?

If you have found it difficult to fully protect yourself against tooth decay or gum disease, or if you have concerns about TMJ disorder, what can you do to better preserve your oral health? One reason people struggle with problems, even when they commit to good oral hygiene, is that they have unresolved problems with malocclusion. In other words, issues with crooked teeth can actually have effects on your oral health! At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can discuss the benefits of fixing problems with your smile alignment. In addition to using traditional braces to help with this, we can provide corrective work with more discreet treatment options like clear aligners. (more…)