How Can You Effectively Fit Orthodontic Work Into Your Life?

Different people can have different feelings about orthodontic work. Some people who hesitate to move forward with straightening their teeth can be reluctant for reasons that focus on what their experience might be like with an orthodontic appliance. Meanwhile, others can have concerns about the impact an adjustment might have on their daily life. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can offer guidance on the orthodontic treatment experience. You can learn more about the benefits of straightening your teeth, and find out about different appliances that are available to make your adjustment happen. (more…)

3 Things You Ought To Know About The Treatment Of Cavities

When you understand the way a cavity affects a tooth – and how badly it can affect your oral health – you can see the value in seeking prompt treatment. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to provide the appropriate restorative dental treatment if you experience trouble with tooth decay. To address the matter fully, damaged and decayed material must be fully removed, and your tooth will need to be restored with the appropriate dental filling or dental crown. Make sure you attend regular dental exams if you want to avoid issues with advanced cavities, as these appointments give you the chance to have decay identified before painful symptoms start to occur. (more…)

Our Art Car Event With Author Cathey Nickell Is Tomorrow!

Our practice is hosting a special event tomorrow morning with author Cathey Nickell! Nickell is helping us celebrate the art car by providing a reading of her new children’s book, Arthur Zarr And His Amazing Art Car. In addition to hosting a reading, she will also answer questions, and offer autographed copies of her work. The day will also include a special visit from Randy Blair, with his own art car. Our Bellaire, TX dental office is excited to welcome families to this special event. We also want to remind you that we provide quality smile care to patients of all ages. That means you can set up your own routine dental exams, and arrange pediatric dental visits for your kids. (more…)

We Can Answer Your Questions About Modern Orthodontic Work

You want to improve your smile, and you are ready to enjoy the oral health advantages that straightened teeth provide. Are you ready to start your orthodontic adjustment? While patients are excited by the benefits of an orthodontic procedure, they can have questions that concern their time with an appliance on their teeth. Modern orthodontic work can actually offer multiple treatment options, which can add to the number of questions you have. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss what you should expect from an orthodontic procedure, and how your adjustment time can be affected by the appliance you receive. (more…)

What Can You Really Expect From Your Dental Prosthetic?

Is it really possible for a dental prosthetic to make a meaningful difference for your oral health function? You can see a clear cosmetic benefit to replacing a missing tooth, or missing teeth. However, patients can be unsure of how reliable a dental restoration might be when it comes to biting, chewing, and speaking. If you want to enjoy functional benefits from your prosthetic, talk to your Bellaire, TX dentist about using a dental implant to hold your appliance. The implant acts like an artificial tooth root while supporting a restoration, and making it easier for you to bite and chew. You can also enjoy benefits that affect the health of your jaw. (more…)

3 Issues That Can Lead To Frustration Over Your Smile Color

You can be unhappy to notice a difference between the color of your smile today, and its color in earlier pictures. Even as a person does an effective job preventing dental troubles, they can face cosmetic dental troubles because stains from food and drink products have gathered over time. Of course, while stains are definitely a big problem for many patients, this is only one of several reasons people start to feel dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help you enjoy a better, brighter smile with the right cosmetic dental procedure! You can make positive changes with a teeth whitening treatment, or an alternative procedure recommended by your dentist. (more…)

Making Arrangements To Deal With Periodontal Trouble

Gum disease may be affecting you right now, even if you are not experiencing obvious discomfort. That does not mean you have no way of noticing the signs of an infection. You may see that your gums look swollen, or unusually red. You may also see that your gum line has receded. If you think something may be wrong with your periodontal health, you should seek a remedy. Ignoring an infection can lead to lasting consequences, as advanced gum disease can be difficult to manage, and it can damage the tissues supporting teeth. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help you fight the effects of gum disease. (more…)

See Author Cathey Nickell During Our Special Art Car Event!

On Saturday, March 23, we are hosting a special guest to help us celebrate the upcoming Art Car events in Houston! Author Cathey Nickell will be at the Contemporary Dental office that day to perform a reading of her children’s book, Arthur Zarr’s Amazing Art Car! In addition to performing her reading, Nickell will field audience questions, and sell autographed copies of her book. You will also have a chance to see an art car in person thanks to art car owner Randy Blair. We are excited to host this special event for the Bellaire, TX community. We also want to remind you that our office is ready to help Bellaire community members of all ages prevent dental troubles! (more…)

3 Steps You Should Take To Keep Your Teeth Truly Clean

Keeping your smile clean can make it easier to maintain fresh breath, and give you better protection against problems like tooth decay and gum disease. In other words, if you want to effectively prevent oral health problems from occurring, your oral care regimen should be effective. While cleanliness certainly matters, it should be noted that brushing and flossing will not be your only lines of daily defense against troubles. Keeping up a smart diet that is rich in nutrients, and low in sugars, will also be important. You should also remember that your plan can involve more than just day-to-day treatment. You receive important preventive services during every routine dental checkup with your Bellaire, TX dentist. (more…)

What Can You Do To Make Sure A Cavity Is Promptly Treated?

Would you like to give your cavity time to grow? How happy would you be to discover that your tooth decay has progressed to the point of causing an internal tooth infection, which will require a root canal treatment? When people only see their dentist because they fear something is wrong, they leave themselves at risk for more advanced cavities. If you want to make sure any problems with tooth decay are addressed promptly, stay current with regular dental exams. At every routine appointment, your Bellaire, TX dentist will carefully examine your smile for any issues with tooth decay. (more…)