Check Out The Family Nature Club Event At Willow Waterhole

The start of summer can be a great time to plan outdoor family activities. If you are looking for an opportunity to go out and enjoy the weather, and create special memories with your kids, check out the special Family Nature Club event at Willow Waterhole! The club, created by the Houston Zoo, is always excited to help connect kids with nature. This upcoming event can encourage them to explore their surroundings, and enjoy a fun learning experience! Spending time with the kids is important, and it is easier to arrange when they are out of school for the summer. In between the seasonal fun, make sure you make time for pediatric dental care at your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office. If they do not have appointments set already, this can be a great time to arrange them. (more…)

You Can Enjoy Oral Health Benefits From Orthodontic Work

Is the process of straightening your teeth all about improving your smile, or is there more to orthodontic work than just cosmetic benefits? During a consultation with your Bellaire, TX dentist, you can learn how addressing malocclusion can help you improve your oral health. After you correct problems with poor dental alignment, you can improve your bite function, and reduce your vulnerability to problems like tooth decay and gum disease. We are ready to meet with you and discuss your treatment options. In addition to offering orthodontic work with traditional braces, we can also provide you with clear aligners to correct your smile. (more…)

Planning Orthodontic Treatment For Kids And Teens

While some kids will have no issues with poor dental alignment, many young people will go through a period of orthodontic work. If your child shows signs of malocclusion, your Bellaire, TX dentist can talk to you about arranging the appropriate care. Our practice provides different treatment options for patients that can suit their needs. Those options include clear aligners, which can allow teens who qualify to correct their problems with discreet appliances. In some cases, we can even talk to you about using early orthodontic work to address issues your young child exhibits. This can make later orthodontic work easier on them when they are older. (more…)

Will People Notice My Dental Crown When I Smile?

While you might be impressed by the convenience and durability of a CEREC dental crown, you can be happy to know that it will NOT call attention to itself when you smile. You may be perfectly happy to tell people about your crown, but you can be understandably less excited to have a restoration drawing unwanted attention on its own. At your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, CEREC crowns are carefully crafted to provide functional and cosmetic value. This means that in addition to having important support after restorative dental work, you can feel confident that your treatment will not be disruptive to the way you look. (more…)

Preserving Your Smile By Placing A Crown After A Cavity

You may be well aware of how a cavity’s effect on your tooth is permanent, but you might not realize just how harmful decay can be if it is not properly addressed. Your tooth structure can be seriously impaired, which can leave you at risk for biting troubles, and future infections. When the damage to your tooth structure is more than a dental filling can properly address, your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide you with a modern, one-visit dental crown. Our CEREC crown completely covers your tooth, so it is fully protected against new infections, and also supported for better biting and chewing. You can be happy to know that because a lifelike ceramic material is used to make these crowns, your smile can also be expertly preserved. (more…)

Take Part In Bellaire’s End Of Spring Pickleball Bash

On Wednesday, May 29, you can head out to Bellaire’s special Pickleball End Of Spring Bash! This event, hosted at the Bellaire Recreation Center, will welcome people for drinks, snacks, and fun activities – including FREE games of Pickleball. If you want to learn more about this fun game, or if you are looking for more players to meet, this is a great opportunity for you, and a nice way to enjoy the end of the spring season! Physical activity can provide important benefits for your well-being. What you should know is that protecting your smile is also important if you want to stay in good health. In addition to providing care for your own smile, make sure you visit your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office for routine dental checkups! (more…)

3 Benefits To Straightening Your Teeth That May Surprise You

The goal of orthodontic work is always to give you a better smile, right? There are clear benefits to having your teeth straightened when it comes to cosmetic improvements. With that said, this is not the only reason people seek treatment, and it is not the only reason your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office might recommend orthodontic care. There are several oral health issues that you can face as a result of poor dental alignment. The problems can affect your ability to prevent problems, and they can make you more vulnerable to developing certain issues. Of course, caring about your appearance is certainly valid. In addition to providing great cosmetic smile improvements after your adjustment, you can actually count on clear aligners to provide fewer issues with the way you look during treatment. (more…)

Change Your Smile For The Better With Clear Aligners

While you should be aware that orthodontic work provides more than just cosmetic changes, no one would fault you for being excited to see how an adjustment improves your appearance! When you rely on clear aligners to make corrections to poorly aligned teeth, you can enjoy meaningful improvements to the way you look, while seeing minimal changes to your appearance during your correction. Unlike other orthodontic appliances that are hard to overlook, clear aligners make it possible for you to enjoy a more subtle approach to your adjustment. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can welcome you to discuss clear aligners, and help you learn more about the benefits of a smile correction. (more…)

3 Things You Can Count On From Your CEREC Dental Crown

When you receive a dental crown, you can understandably wonder what, exactly, you can count on that crown to do. Is it safe to put your full bite pressure on this restoration? Will it look anything like a natural tooth? How long will its support last? Your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide an attractive, durable crown that serves your daily needs, and addresses common concerns. Because our practice crafts crowns using CEREC technology, you can enjoy an added benefit – your crown can be ready after just one appointment! This means no waiting for your tooth’s restoration, and no relying on a temporary crown that can be uncomfortable, or offer insufficient support. (more…)

Can Orthodontic Issues Make It Harder To Prevent Cavities?

If you are looking for a reason you have a hard time avoiding cavities, make sure you consider this – poorly aligned teeth can be harder to protect, because they can be more difficult to clean. If you have teeth that overlap in a way that makes it more difficult to effectively brush and floss, bacteria will pose a greater threat. Over time, those harder-to-reach bacteria can form plaque, and then tartar. When tartar forms, you will need a professional teeth cleaning to have it removed. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can discuss the benefits of orthodontic work with you. You can find that in addition to showing off an improved smile, you can be better protected against tooth decay at the end of your adjustment! (more…)