Taking Steps To Improve Your Gum Health

gum health bellaire txYour smile is so much more than just your teeth. Your gums play a huge role in keeping everything operating as it should, and problems can sometimes occur deep where it is difficult for your toothbrush to fully reach. This is why we floss each day, and this is an important step in your routine oral health maintenance. Be sure to stick to your flossing, as it can mean the difference between keeping your teeth and losing them.

At our helpful dental office in Bellaire, TX, we are here to help you keep your gums happy and healthy as you age. This starts with a dedication to your semiannual dental checkups, so make sure that you are visiting your oral health team at least twice each year. Most people require these appointments every six months, but talk with your dentist about your specific treatment plan, as sometimes, an accelerated schedule is necessary. Set up a time for an examination with our team today and talk about your gum health!

Plaque Can Become Stuck Between Your Teeth And Along Your Gumline

When you eat, the leftover particles become food for the bacteria in your mouth. You brush your teeth to remove these remnants and the harmful bacteria, along with the acidic film that they create. This is called plaque, and it is a major source of tooth decay. If plaque remains on the surface of our teeth for a period of time, it calcifies into a harder form known as tartar, and at this point, you need a trained oral health professional to help you remove it.

This can happen between your teeth and along your gumline, as well, where it is harder for you to reach with your toothbrush. This is why your daily flossing is so important, and sometimes, your gums can use a little extra help in staying safe.

Keeping Your Gums Cleaner With Dedicated Periodontal Services

When tartar starts to develop deep between your teeth, it can pose serious problems for your smile. Periodontal disease is often identified as the leading cause of tooth loss, and unfortunately, almost half of Americans are struggling with this condition.

If your dentist gives you a diagnosis of periodontal disease or gingivitis, you can work to keep your gums healthy through a schedule of periodontal services. This is special treatment to keep the areas at and below your gumline clean so that you can avoid further gum recession and bone loss.

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