Scaling/Root Planing

Deep Cleaning, or Scaling/Root Planing

When oral bacteria accumulate underneath your gums, your toothbrush and floss can no longer reach them. Neither can your hygienist’s dental cleaning tools, which are meant to clean and polish the visible crowns of your teeth (above the gum line). To remove the bacteria beneath your gums, your dentist might recommend scaling and root planing, also known as deep cleaning. Instead of the crowns of your teeth, scaling and root planing are the processes of cleaning and polishing the surfaces of your teeth roots, which lie underneath your gum tissues. The procedure removes the harmful oral bacteria that have accumulated there to stop gum disease from getting worse and allow your gums to heal.

Addressing Gum Disease Early

The process of carefully accessing your teeth roots is more complicated than a general dental cleaning, and therefore, you may need to attend several visits to complete the process. During each visit, your dentist will carefully reveal the root surfaces in one area of your upper or lower dental ridge (a quadrant), then scale the root surfaces to clean away plaque and tartar buildup. Then, your dentist will smooth the roots surfaces to discourage bacteria buildup in the future before sealing the roots back underneath your gums. If your gum disease has progressed enough, then you may also require an ongoing routine of periodontal maintenance with a periodontal specialist.

Address Gum Disease with Scaling/Root Planing

If you exhibit signs of gum disease, then scaling and root planing can help you reverse or control it. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, today at 713-668-9119. We proudly welcome patients who live in Bellaire, Houston, West University/Southside Place, Southwest Houston, the Galleria area, and all surrounding communities.