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3 Reasons To Consider Orthodontic Treatment

Many people begin orthodontic treatment during their teen years, but it also frequently benefits adults. This can be because they have never addressed problems with malocclusion, or because of shifting that has occurred after past treatment. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, you can meet with us to discuss the benefits of beginning a procedure… Read more »

Orthodontic Work And Your Oral Health

People often start looking at their options for orthodontic treatment because they want to address issues with the way they look. Through treatment, you can improve your smile by correcting problems with visible gaps and overlaps between teeth, and you can generally make your appearance more attractive by making your smile more uniform. As beneficial… Read more »

How Braces And Aligners Improve Smiles

While there are several reasons why your dentist might recommend orthodontic treatment, it is hard to miss how corrective work can improve your smile. At the end of your adjustment, you can show off a straighter, more symmetrical smile, and no longer feel self-conscious because of visible gaps or overlaps between teeth. At our Bellaire,… Read more »

Correcting Smile Flaws With Clear Aligners

Are you currently affected by smile flaws that you try to keep hidden? Many people who have awkward gaps or overlaps between teeth can feel less than thrilled with their appearance. Even minor issues with malocclusion can be sources of concern, as they can give you an asymmetrical look that is distracting and generally less… Read more »

What To Look Forward To After Orthodontic Treatment

What can you expect after your dentist suggests starting orthodontic treatment? At our Bellaire, TX dental office, we provide treatment with traditional braces, but we also offer more discreet options like lingual braces and clear braces. No matter which approach you choose, there are several benefits to completing an adjustment that you can look forward… Read more »

Beginning Treatment With Clear Aligners: What To Expect

As exciting as it may be to imaging life after orthodontic treatment, some patients are uncomfortable with the idea of committing to wearing metal braces for a fixed period of time. Fortunately, this is not the only treatment option available to people who want to do something about frustrating smile gaps and overlaps. At our… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment Can Help People With Bite Difficulties

There are several challenges that can affect a person who has trouble maintaining an even bite. If your bite is awkward or uneven, it can cause you to unintentionally overuse certain teeth, wearing them down prematurely and making them more vulnerable to harm. You can also be more likely to develop issues with your jaw… Read more »

Can My Teeth Be Straightened Without Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces that rely on brackets and wires to gradually move teeth have helped patients with a range of concerns about poor smile alignment. These issues, known as malocclusion, affect a person’s appearance while also creating potential difficulties with bite function and cavity prevention. As common as they are as a form of treatment, many… Read more »

Resolving Problems With Poorly Spaced Teeth

If your teeth are too far apart, or if they are too close together, you can experience cosmetic and oral health issues. Malocclusion is a frustrating issue, one that often calls for orthodontic treatment to resolve. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we provide multiple approaches to care for those interested in straightening their teeth…. Read more »

How Clear Braces Resolve Frustrating Smile Problems

The overall comfort you feel toward your appearance can be significantly affected by the quality of your smile. Problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, that overlap awkwardly, or experience any other alignment flaws can make it difficult for you to enjoy confidence in the way you look. At our Bellarire, TX dentist’s office, problems… Read more »