Category: Orthodontics

Are You Ready To Close That Smile Gap?

If you brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist for your recommended dental exams, you can avoid many problems that can hurt the quality of your smile. Unfortunately, persistent oral health care can do little against a problem with the spacing or alignment of your teeth. Smile gaps can make people uncomfortable with how… Read more »

Finding The Right Way To Approach Your Orthodontic Treatment

While people often associate orthodontic work exclusively with traditional metal braces, there are other appliances that can correct issues with poor dental alignment. When it comes to finding the “right” appliance for you, you can discuss the cosmetic effect of your orthodontic treatment, in addition to going over the functional benefits. For patients who want… Read more »

Using Clear Aligners: 3 Things You Should Know

When you consider your options for orthodontic dental care, you may be excited by the advantages that clear aligners offer. Appliances offered by Invisalign and ClearCorrect can provide a more convenient and discreet approach to straightening your teeth. Instead of showing off a set of bracket and wire braces when you smile, these appliances are… Read more »

Orthodontic Work Can Help Your Smile, And Your Oral Health

Misconceptions about orthodontic work can keep people from seeking out treatment. For instance, while many people undergo orthodontic work during their school years, adult patients can certainly benefit from correcting problems with their dental alignment. If you are concerned about the cosmetic effect of traditional braces, you can enjoy a more discreet adjustment with lingual… Read more »