Deciding Between Braces Or Clear Aligners

Bellaire, TX dentist offers invisalign and braces

Having straight teeth has several benefits. You may feel more confident in your smile, have improved speech, and it may be easier to take care of your oral hygiene. With the many options available to align your smile, it can be overwhelming to decide what the best option is for you. Today, your Contemporary Dental & Orthodontics in Bellaire, TX, is here to compare the differences in braces and clear aligners so you can be confident in your chosen treatment plan.

Two Kinds Of Braces

Patients can begin the process of straightening their teeth as young as 10 years old if necessary. You may be surprised to know that there is more than one orthodontic braces. This method is very common and traditionally uses metal brackets and arch wire to gradually shift the teeth in place. Typically, we recommend this for children and teenagers going through the alignment process. Every few weeks, you will visit the dentist for adjustments and tightening the wire.

With the traditional method, you can choose colored bands for the brackets. There is an alternative to this that is less visible. Lingual braces place the brackets and wires behind the teeth. This unique method allows for your smile to be corrected without the visual aspect of traditional braces.

A Clear Alternative

For patients with minimal to mild spacing problems, invisible retainers can be worn to align the teeth. A series of these aligners will be crafted based on an impression taken of your oral cavity. Over a few months to a few years, you will wear your retainers and adjust your smile. Instead of visiting the orthodontist every six weeks like you would with braces, you will have check-ins with your dentist. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your orthodontist.

This method may have an advantage over traditional orthodontic treatment because it offers more discretion. You are also able to take them out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth, which may provide you with more comfort than braces may offer. However, not all patients will be good candidates for this option. You will be in charge of wearing and cleaning these daily, as well as changing the retainers in time.

Choosing The Best Option For You

The most effective method will depend on your needs and unique situation. Before choosing either option, you will have a consultation with your orthodontist. During this, they will examine your smile, take X-rays, and talk to you about the goals for your smile. Depending on the kind of alignment problems you have, they will guide you through the decision-making process.

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