Poor Smile Alignment And Your Bite

You may experience frequent problems with pain and stiffness in your jaw if you have unresolved issues with the way you bite and chew. An imbalanced bite can lead to worsening tension on your joints and muscles, something that can create increasing problems for you in time. What is responsible for this issue? The answer will vary for different patients. With that said, one concern is that you are having trouble with your dental function because your teeth are not properly aligned. To fix this problem, our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can recommend different treatment options, including the option of straightening your smile with a set of clear aligners.

The Importance Of Maintaining Even Bite Movements

The way you apply and release pressure when you bite and chew can lead to mounting discomfort if your movements are not even. That imbalance can lead to worsening pain as well as stiffness that will limit your ability to move your jaw. There are different reasons why people start to struggle with TMJ disorder from poor bite movement. One of those issues is that you can have a difficult time applying and releasing pressure because your teeth are not spaced evenly. As part of our effort to help you improve your dental health and jaw movement, we can check on the potential relationship between TMJ problems and malocclusion.

Correcting Poor Smile Alignment With Orthodontic Treatment

As part of your overall TMJ treatment, we can determine if orthodontic treatment should be included in care to improve your jaw health and relieve tension. There are different options for this kind of treatment. For those who have less severe spacing issues and worry about the impact of braces on their daily life, we can recommend the use of clear aligners. The set of appliances that are used in your care will help you make the right adjustments without impacting your appearance or daily activities.

We Can Make Sure Your Jaw Pain From Bite Difficulties Is Completely Resolved

Fully treating TMJ disorder can call for different responses. Appliance therapy can help train you to hold your jaw in a comfortable resting position, which can lead to less tension and better overall movements. We can also check for any problems with teeth that are in poor health or too undersized to make it comfortable for you to bite and chew. Treatment with a dental crown can help you with this; in addition to providing the right functional support, we can use a restoration that imitates your healthy enamel.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Treating Poor Smile Alignment To Improve Your Smile And Bite

Through corrective work to improve your smile alignment, we can provide relief from TMJ disorder and help you enjoy relief from problems with discomfort in your daily life. If you would like to find out more about this and other services that we can offer, please reach out to Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.