Selecting A Less Conspicuous Approach To Orthodontic Work

Sure, you can be excited to see your smile AFTER your orthodontic work is completed, but you can be less than thrilled when you picture yourself wearing conspicuous braces for an extended time period. Braces that rely on brackets and wires to straighten a person’s smile can have a positive effect on someone’s appearance, and they can make corrections that have meaningful oral health benefits. However, they can be less than ideal for anyone who needs to maintain a professional appearance, or for someone who might have their confidence in social settings shaken by them. If you keep putting off work to straighten your teeth because you are reluctant to wear metal braces, ask your Bellaire, TX dentist about alternative appliances, like clear aligners! (more…)

A Dental Crown Can Help You Bite And Chew Without Pain

If you have a problem with a painful or sensitive tooth, you can be reminded of this trouble every time you try to enjoy a meal. After all, chronic dental pain can make biting and chewing difficult, and you can find yourself making an extra effort to avoid putting any pressure on a sensitive tooth. You should know that simply avoiding a painful tooth is NOT an effective long-term oral health care strategy! At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can make sure that a tooth exhibiting signs of problems is thoroughly examined, and properly restored. With a dental crown, a vulnerable tooth can be protected, and you can once again bite and chew without problems. (more…)

3 Reasons To Ask Us About Starting Orthodontic Treatment

If your goal is to make your uneven smile more attractive, or if you are concerned about the effect your dental alignment is having on your oral health, our Bellaire, TX dental practice can talk to you about orthodontic treatment. We offer adjustments using different appliances, and we can find the right approach for your particular needs. When you make an appointment, you can find that there are more upsides to having your teeth straightened than you might expect. You can also learn how we can provide more discreet treatment options, which can make your time with braces more pleasant. (more…)

Following Better Preventive Dental Health Habits

When you consider how much damage a cavity is able to do to your tooth structure, you can understand the value of effective preventive dental health care. Unfortunately, too many people assume that their habits are effective, when in reality they face a greater risk for decay than they realize. If you want to protect your smile from harm, you should make sure you are scheduling regular dental exams. At every routine visit to our Bellaire, TX dental practice, you can receive a thorough teeth cleaning, and a review of your smile that takes advantage of modern technology to check for any possible problems. In addition to providing great care at our practice, your dentist can advise you on better oral health practices to follow at home. (more…)

How Advanced Technology Helps Us Plan Your Dental Work

When it comes to providing quality dental care, the right resources are important. With the right materials, it becomes possible to take care of vulnerable teeth with lifelike dental restorations. If you want to improve the color of your smile, the right whitening agents can help you see results that you would not expect to see from a store bought teeth whitening product. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we are committed to offering a superior modern treatment experience. That includes using advanced digital technology to plan custom restorations, which are important for effectively restoring your smile when you have a problem with your tooth. We use digital technology to take detailed measurements of teeth when creating restorations like dental crowns, so that the appliance produced exhibits the right look, and is the perfect size to support your tooth. (more…)

Using Implant-Supported Dental Crowns To Address Tooth Loss

For anyone who has had a dental crown placed on a problem tooth, the benefits to receiving these restorations can be hard to ignore. After all, a dental crown allows you to save your tooth, while also making sure it is enjoying enough protection to once again contribute to proper biting and chewing. What might surprise you is learning that in addition to using crowns to restore teeth, your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can provide them as replacements for teeth that have been lost! When secured to a dental implant, a crown can act as a reliable, attractive prosthetic that you can depend on for cosmetic and functional improvements. (more…)

Starting Orthodontic Treatment Before The School Year Begins

Hopefully, you and your family have found many fun ways to spend the summer. While the break from school can be fun for kids, it can also be a good time for you to take care of matters that might take them away from classes. If your child is reaching a point where they could benefit from beginning an orthodontic adjustment, our Bellaire, TX dental and orthodontic practice is ready to help. We provide different approaches to orthodontic treatment, and can work out a plan to address issues with poor dental alignment. To make sure you are staying informed about matters like orthodontic care, make sure your children enjoy regular dental checkups, which give you important details about their development. (more…)

The Right Procedure Can Deliver Great Smile Improvements

If you keep dwelling on those problems with your smile that make you self-conscious, and never look into what can be done to address them, you can find yourself trapped in a state of unhappiness. When people look into the potential benefits of cosmetic dental work, they can be impressed at how little work might stand between them, and their ideal smile. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can talk to you about the services that we can use to help you feel better about the way you look. Because our practice provides dental work as well as orthodontic treatment, we can also help you if your cosmetic concerns are connected to the alignment of your teeth. (more…)

3 Questions You Might Want To Ask About Clear Aligners

While many people still expect orthodontic treatment to involve metal braces, plenty of patients have already discovered how clear aligners can offer a great alternative to these appliances. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can use clear aligners to help patients who are eager to correct problems with their dental alignment, but uncertain about having metal braces. Are you someone who has considered using clear aligners? If you are, you should know that these appliances offer more than just a discreet treatment – they are also easy to remove, so they will not intrude on your daily life. We can answer any questions you have about clear aligners, or about orthodontic work in general, so you can move forward with a smile adjustment with more confidence. (more…)

How Advanced Technology Lets Us Design Your Crown In-House

If you have to undergo treatment for a cavity, or another oral health care problem that requires restorative dental care, it can be a relief to reach the end of your work. Because our Bellaire, TX dental practice relies on modern technology to produce high-quality restorations, you can look forward to having your work completed in less time than you might think possible! We use CAD/CAM technology to digitally design and produce dental crowns that will be used to restore our patients’ teeth. These restorations are carefully crafted to provide a custom fit, and they are able to expertly mimic healthy tooth structure. As impressive as these modern dental crowns are for their appearance, they can also be counted on to provide great functional support! (more…)