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Early Treatment For The Following Concerns Can Be Important

How eager are you to ignore a problem with your health? It is natural to want to remain in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, it can be tempting to pretend a symptom of a problem simply is not present, or to convince yourself the problem is not a serious one. What you should know is… Read more »

We Provide Same-Day Crowns For People In Need Of Smile Care

Dental damage can be expertly addressed with a dental crown. The right restoration is one that keeps your tooth safe, while also allowing you to remain confident in your smile. If you visit your Bellaire, TX dentist for restorative dental work, you can enjoy a crown that offers these benefits, as well as the benefit… Read more »

So You Need Treatment For A Severe Cavity…

Restorative dental work is probably low on your list of activities you want to take part in. Your Bellaire, TX dentist would also like to see you avoid this kind of care – after all, your goal should always be to avoid cavities. When avoiding dental work means avoiding dental problems, there is nothing to… Read more »

3 Problems Caused By Delaying A Cavity Treatment

How long can you wait before you absolutely have to seek treatment for a cavity? A more insightful way to phrase this question might be:  How much damage would you like to suffer from your cavity? There is no way around it – if you delay restorative dental work for tooth decay, you will lose… Read more »

Using Implant-Held Dentures To Fully Restore Your Smile

Losing an entire row of teeth, or even several teeth across a row, can be dispiriting for a person, and frustrating. Unfortunately, people can feel less than thrilled about their experience with dentures that never seem to stay in place, or seem to become uncomfortable with time. Fortunately, your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can offer… Read more »

Dental Injuries Can Be Painful And Unsightly – We Can Help

Just thinking about a dental injury – and its impact on how you look – can leave you with an uncomfortable feeling. Of course, the frustrating thing about injuries is that they can be hard to anticipate. Brushing and flossing protect us from cavities, but they offer little defense against an unlucky moment. Fortunately, you… Read more »

Same-Day Crowns Make Smile Restoration More Convenient

Convenience is not the only thing to worry about when you need restorative dental work. After all, the care your dentist provides for an injured tooth, or one that has been affected by decay, needs to offer long-lasting benefits. You should feel confident that your restoration is durable enough to stay in good condition, even… Read more »

Taking Action To Address An Infected Tooth

You should consider a tooth infection a real threat to your oral health, and your smile. This problem can occur when a cavity damages your tooth badly enough to expose your pulp to oral bacteria, or when you experience a physical injury. Once a tooth becomes infected, you can experience pain and sensitivity – if… Read more »

Worried About A Cavity? We’re Ready To Help!

If you think you might need work done on a cavity, your goal should be to have the matter treated as soon as possible. If you delay care, you can leave yourself vulnerable to a continued attack on your tooth structure. While a cavity can start small, the problem can progress to the point where… Read more »