Your Gums Are More Important Than You Know

Brushing Bellaire TXWhen it comes to lasting oral health, you may focus primarily on your teeth. After all, this is the area that we mostly see and it is what handles the burden of routine chewing. The support of your dental strength should not only center around the health of your enamel, however. Surrounding structures play a role in the durability of your smile quality as you age. Chief among these is the health of your periodontal tissue.

Your gums have more function than you might possibly envision. The connection between your teeth and the jaw are highly vulnerable when the protection of the gums is removed. Infection of this tissue is one of the primary causes of tooth loss from decay. At Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, we understand the complexities of periodontal disease. This condition affects nearly half of adult Americans and can lead to serious consequences including the infection of the root of a tooth. Bacteria can even spread into the bone of the jaw, so speak with a qualified professional about treatment.

Address Gum Infection As Soon As You Can

The beginning of an infection of your periodontal tissue can be deceptive. Many patients feel that the redness and swelling associated with gingivitis is as a result of being too aggressive while brushing your teeth. Recession due to bacterial growth may appear to you as though you have been pushing this material back from your proper gumline. In actuality, you may be allowing further growth by not adequately cleaning this area of your smile.

If you begin to notice bleeding during your daily oral health care, call a trained professional. It may be the start of a problem infection within your gums. Receive a direct diagnosis with an examination and remedy your situation while being armed with the proper knowledge.

How Scaling And Root Planing Protect You

The treatment for periodontal concerns first begins with the removal of bacterial buildup. The initial substance that forms in your mouth is called plaque. This can be removed with routine cleaning at home. Once it sits, it hardens into tartar, which requires special tools that can only be found in a dental office. Experience the benefits of having a trained professional remove buildup. Feel clean and stay safe with tooth cleanings.

Further plaque and tartar removal may be necessary to dislodge buildup at the connection between your teeth and gums. This is achieved through scaling and root planing. Take your smile seriously with a rigorous cleaning of your gums.

Working Toward A Safer Future In Bellaire, TX

The buildup of plaque and tartar at the base of your teeth can be difficult to clean on your own. Speak with us at Contemporary Dental & Orthodontics in Bellaire, TX at 713-668-9119 to learn more about how healthy gums can keep your teeth strong for years to come.