Quiz: Discussing Teeth Whitening Options With Your Dentist

Many people who start thinking about how they would improve their smile can look at the color of their teeth as a problem. If you feel like your smile is no longer as bright as it once was, this can be a problem that deserves your Bellaire, TX dentist’s attention. With professional cosmetic dental care, many remarkable improvements are possible. While there are an assortment of whitening products you can find on the shelves of your local grocery store or pharmacy, you may be less than impressed at the outcome when you use them. Fortunately, your dentist can use a professional teeth whitening treatment to make more impressive changes. (more…)

Check Out The Houston Zoo’s Special Christmas Look!

Christmas is almost upon us! In the weeks leading up to the holiday itself, you and your family can be excited to celebrate the season. You can visit the Houston Zoo for a chance to experience their special Zoo Lights displays – TXU Energy is sponsoring this special Christmas display, which turns the zoo into a different kind of winter wonderland. Fifteen miles of environmentally friendly LED lights are being used to illuminate the zoo in the nighttime, creating a different atmosphere just for the holiday season. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is excited for everyone to enjoy the holidays. We also want to remind you that 2019 is approaching, and that you should make sure your routine dental exams for the next year are all set! (more…)

Taking Action Against The Problems Caused By TMJ Dysfunction

The problem that threatens your oral health is not always concentrated to a single tooth. TMJ dysfunction refers to any issues with the muscles that control your jaw, or the joints themselves. While several issues may be responsible for a person’s TMJ issues, there are consistent signs of trouble. Pain in your face, neck, and head may be traceable to this particular condition. You could also be struggling with biting and chewing functions, or even with the ability to properly speak without discomfort. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help you by identifying when TMJ dysfunction might be hurting you, and by providing relief. (more…)

Are You Ready To Close That Smile Gap?

If you brush and floss regularly, and see your dentist for your recommended dental exams, you can avoid many problems that can hurt the quality of your smile. Unfortunately, persistent oral health care can do little against a problem with the spacing or alignment of your teeth. Smile gaps can make people uncomfortable with how they look. Fortunately, the problem is certainly a fixable one – your Bellaire, TX dentist can talk to you about closing a smile gap with orthodontic work. You have several treatment options. For many people, traditional metal braces are the right solution to their alignment problems. You can also be interested in lingual braces, which are placed on the back of teeth, or clear aligners, removable appliances you can use to straighten your smile. (more…)

Using Implant-Held Dentures To Fully Restore Your Smile

Losing an entire row of teeth, or even several teeth across a row, can be dispiriting for a person, and frustrating. Unfortunately, people can feel less than thrilled about their experience with dentures that never seem to stay in place, or seem to become uncomfortable with time. Fortunately, your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can offer a better prosthetic experience with implant-held dentures. When you have dental implants to keep dentures in place, they can offer better stability, improving their functional support and making it easier to speak and eat. The presence of implants can also help with the loss of mass in your jawbone, which can affect a person’s comfort with their prosthetic. (more…)

Dental Injuries Can Be Painful And Unsightly – We Can Help

Just thinking about a dental injury – and its impact on how you look – can leave you with an uncomfortable feeling. Of course, the frustrating thing about injuries is that they can be hard to anticipate. Brushing and flossing protect us from cavities, but they offer little defense against an unlucky moment. Fortunately, you can count on your Bellaire, TX dentist to provide quality dental treatment to restore your tooth after an injury. This can involve addressing signs of damage, as well as problems with the health of your tooth. In some cases, an injury can look bad while not actually affecting the health of your tooth. For a minor but conspicuous injury, your dentist can offer cosmetic dental work. (more…)

Technology Helps Us Examine Your Smile Closely

When you clean your teeth by brushing and flossing, are you paying proper attention to your smile, and taking care to address every area of your smile? Thoroughness is important, because some areas are harder to comfortably reach than others, and those spaces can be at a higher risk for cavity issues. When your Bellaire, TX dentist examines your smile, you can count on a thorough review thanks to modern technology present in the office. By using the right tools, your dentist can make sure your teeth are carefully and closely examined for any signs of trouble. A detailed review makes it easier to catch problems that might be hard to see during a visual exam, and make it easier to spot trouble in earlier forms. (more…)

Enjoy The Christmas Village At Bayou Bend!

Starting on Friday, December 14, families in and around the Bellaire area can check out the special Christmas Village at Bayou Bend Collection And Gardens! During this special time of year, Bayou Bend will have special holiday decorations as part of an engaging Christmas experience for guests. There will be music, performances, and plenty of activities for the kids to take part in. This will also be a great chance to take this year’s photos with Santa Claus! While the new year is still a few weeks out, this is a great time to think about smile care for 2019. If you have not already, make sure you have next year’s dental checkups scheduled! (more…)

3 Solutions To Troubling Smile Problems

Your smile can be one of your most distinguishing features. Unfortunately, for people who have concerns about the look of their teeth, this can be a less than reassuring thought. While there are several issues that can impact your confidence in your smile, you have access to multiple dental treatments that can be helpful. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can talk to you about the flaws you want to correct, and help you identify potentially beneficial procedures. Many people have seen their appearance improve, and felt their confidence grow, after the right cosmetic dental treatment. (more…)

Same-Day Crowns Make Smile Restoration More Convenient

Convenience is not the only thing to worry about when you need restorative dental work. After all, the care your dentist provides for an injured tooth, or one that has been affected by decay, needs to offer long-lasting benefits. You should feel confident that your restoration is durable enough to stay in good condition, even as it takes on biting and chewing pressures. With that said, there is nothing wrong with being eager to have results in less time. Fortunately, your Bellaire, TX dentist is able to provide dental crowns in the span of a single appointment. CEREC crowns look like natural teeth, and they are custom-made to fit over your vulnerable tooth. This means you have the long-term protection you need, and you have it without having to wait on a dental lab to produce your restoration. (more…)