Dental Implants

Prosthetic Implants that Mimic Natural Teeth

Dental implants are relatively new in the world of prosthetic dentistry, but in the decades since they were introduced, the prosthetic teeth roots have enjoyed an over 90% success rate in rebuilding patients’ smiles. That’s due largely to how dental implants work. The small, root-like posts are made from biocompatible titanium, which your jawbone fuses to after your implant placement. Then, your dentist can utilize the posts to support a custom prosthesis, such as a dental crown, bridge, or denture. By mimicking the way natural teeth roots support your healthy teeth, dental implants offer the most lifelike method of replacing your lost teeth and fully rebuilding your smile.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the most notable benefits of dental implants is the improved support that they offer your replacement teeth. Instead of being held in place by supportive crowns and abutment teeth, or by hidden clasps and adhesives, implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures are anchored to your jawbone and dental ridge. This means they won’t lose their grip and shift over time, and you won’t have to grow accustomed to the feel of clasps or adhesives. Your long-term oral health also benefits from the renewed stimulation in your jawbone that your implant posts provide every time you bite and chew.

Restore More than Just Your Lost Teeth

Dental implants don’t just restore your lost teeth, they also restore their ability to support and maintain your jawbone and surrounding oral structures. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, today at 713-668-9119. We proudly welcome patients who live in Bellaire, Houston, West University/Southside Place, Southwest Houston, the Galleria area, and all surrounding communities.