You Can Rely On The Strength Of A Dental Crown

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If you have an injury that damages the integrity of one of your teeth, you should seek treatment right away. While a chip or crack may seem cosmetic, any event that breaks the protective seal of your tooth’s enamel can increase your risk for tooth decay and infection. By receiving the proper restorative procedure, we can help maintain the alignment of your bite and return the healthy appearance of a complete tooth. When a dental filling cannot sufficiently repair your injury, we can place a dental crown to cover your tooth completely above the gum line. By sealing the entirety of your tooth, this treatment returns the strength required to complete your bite.

At your Bellaire, TX, dental practice, we can help repair your tooth when decay or physical trauma strikes. By meeting with our team, we can evaluate the extent of your damage and help determine which treatment relieves your condition. A sturdy dental cap can also complement a dental implant for patients who are missing teeth or return a tooth’s seal after performing a root canal procedure.

Repair Your Tooth Injury With The Strength Of A Crown

While brushing and flossing your teeth and attending routine checkups help safeguard your smile against decay, anyone can experience an injury that leaves lasting damage. If you have a sporting injury or other accident that cracks or breaks a tooth, seeking treatment right away can prevent a painful infection from bacteria that live inside your mouth.

We may suggest placing a dental crown to restore your injury and return the strength of your bite. By taking careful measurements of your problem tooth and the neighbors surrounding its bite, we can design a prosthetic cap that fits neatly within your smile. Modern materials allow us to shape and shade your restoration to mimic a natural tooth.

Protecting Your Tooth After Treating An Infection

When you visit our office to treat a tooth infection, we may suggest root canal therapy to provide desirable relief. This procedure cleans the entirety of your tooth’s pulp chamber to remove bacterial deposits contributing to your pain. Because a root canal permanently alters the structure of your tooth’s outer surface, we must seal it to prevent oral bacteria from re-entering after your treatment. Because tooth infections often result from untreated cases of advanced decay, a dental crown can replace the entirety of the missing material above your gums.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX, Dentist About Restoring Your Injured Tooth

When designing a treatment plan to repair your dental injury, we will provide the most conservative option that best restores your smile. To learn more about this treatment or schedule an appointment, call Contemporary Dental & Orthodontics in Bellaire, TX at (713)668-9119.