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An Important Message About Oral Cancer…

One of the places that we turn to for information is Dentaltown Magazine.  It was started by a dentist named Howard Farran.  He is a great businessman and a wonderful advocate for our profession.  Recently he wrote a great article about oral cancer and what dentistry needs to be doing to really help the public… Read more »

I’m missing a tooth… Now what?

There is no worse feeling than having a missing tooth.  The smile is a powerful and beautiful thing, and when a tooth is gone, the picture just isn’t complete.  In the past, replacement options for lost teeth were limited and not always esthetic.  However, dental implants now offer many patients an ideal solution to replace… Read more »

Doesn’t Everyone Want Straighter Teeth?

Lately, I’ve seen more and more adults coming to my office who are curious about what they can do to improve their smile.  The answers are as diverse as the patients who make up my practice.  Some people just need a little whitening; some people have complex restorative needs; many could benefit from getting the position of… Read more »