Quiz: Improving Your Smile With Clear Aligners

Clear braces provide an alternative to metal braces, and they help patients avoid many concerns they might hold about an orthodontic adjustment. If you feel hesitant to move forward with straightening your teeth because you dislike the idea of a visible bracket and wire appliance, Invisalign and ClearCorrect both provide you with a discreet means of fixing gaps and overlaps. These appliances are also easy for you to remove on your own, so they are not in your way when you need to clean your teeth. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can meet with you to discuss this approach to straightening your smile. You can also learn about lingual braces – while these braces involve the familiar bracket and wire arrangement, they are placed on the back of your teeth, to limit your ability to see them.


True Or False: You can take off your clear aligners when you need to clean your teeth, or when you eat.

True Or False: Clear aligners can help improve your bite alignment, which can relieve stress on your jaw joints and muscles.

True Or False: Clear aligners provide you with a discreet means of fixing problems with your dental alignment.


True! Clear aligners can be removed easily, so they are not a problem for you when you need to eat, or when you clean your teeth.

True! Your bite alignment can be negatively affected by crooked teeth. If you straighten your smile, you also have the ability to improve your bite function, and reduce potential pain caused by jaw troubles.

True! For people in professional settings, or those who just feel uncomfortable with the thought of conspicuous braces, clear aligners can offer great benefits.

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