Quiz: Discussing Teeth Whitening Options With Your Dentist

Many people who start thinking about how they would improve their smile can look at the color of their teeth as a problem. If you feel like your smile is no longer as bright as it once was, this can be a problem that deserves your Bellaire, TX dentist’s attention. With professional cosmetic dental care, many remarkable improvements are possible. While there are an assortment of whitening products you can find on the shelves of your local grocery store or pharmacy, you may be less than impressed at the outcome when you use them. Fortunately, your dentist can use a professional teeth whitening treatment to make more impressive changes.


True Or False: The only teeth whitening treatment your dentist offers has to be done in the office.

True Or False: If you want to address a tooth that is discolored after an injury, porcelain veneers may be an effective treatment option.

True Or False: If you want to limit the accumulation of more stains after a cosmetic procedure, make sure you limit your consumption of beverages and foods that have dark or rich colors.


False! You can have your teeth whitened in the office, and you can see amazing results in just one visit. Of course, the option to take home a professional whitening kit is also open to you – with your custom kit, you can perform treatments that lead to comparable improvements.

True! Porcelain veneers can hide discoloration that results after an injury. Because this problem is not the result of accumulated stains, a professional whitening treatment can be less beneficial.

True! After a professional cosmetic treatment, you may want to examine your routine, and find ways to prevent a buildup of new stains. Dark and color-rich items are able to leave behind particles that make your teeth seem dull, meaning they can undo the benefits of treatment.

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