Finding The Right Time To Start Orthodontic Treatment

While orthodontic treatment can be regarded as an experience that is largely meant for kids, particularly those in their tweens and early teens, people start their adjustments at varying times. In some cases, early orthodontic treatment can be recommended for a younger child who shows signs of malocclusion. In other cases, adults who never had the opportunity to have their teeth straightened in their youth can begin an adjustment. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can work with individuals who can benefit from an adjustment. In addition to traditional metal braces, our practice can provide alternative appliances that can be more discreet. (more…)

Designing Your Dental Crown At Your Dentist’s Office

For a dental crown to offer the best experience possible, it should be perfectly sized for your tooth. To make sure that your crown provides you with such an exact fit, your Bellaire, TX dentist uses digital technology located in the office to measure it. This is one of the first steps in a larger plan to provide a tooth with a lifelike restoration. While other practices can take measurements in the office as well, we can use the information to digitally design, and produce, your crown on site! This means that you can have your restorative dental work done in less time, and enjoy valuable protection for a vulnerable tooth. (more…)

How Long Will It Take To Have Your Injured Tooth Restored?

The idea of a long wait for dental treatment can be particularly off-putting if you have an injured tooth. This is a situation people sometimes find themselves in, as they can be stuck waiting for their dentist to receive the dental restoration they need from a dental lab. However, your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide care for you without this frustrating delay. CEREC technology at our practice makes it possible to develop your lifelike dental crown in just one visit. That eliminates any requirement for you to rely on a temporary crown, and it means you can start showing off your restored smile in less time! Our practice can also start working on your smile promptly if you need emergency dental work. (more…)

Rely On An Orthodontic Appliance Without Brackets Or Wires

With traditional orthodontic appliances, you can see problems with smile gaps and overlaps corrected. Metal braces with brackets and wires are permanently affixed to your teeth, and gradually move them to their optimal positions. At the end of an adjustment, you can enjoy cosmetic improvements in addition to benefiting from positive oral health developments. While this can be exciting, people can still be uncomfortable with conventional metal braces, which are hard to ignore, and permanently set in place. If you want to look at an alternative treatment option, you can talk to your Bellaire, TX dentist about clear aligners for your orthodontic needs! (more…)

Explore The Chimney Rock Market This May!

Families will have two chances to check out the special Chimney Rock Market this May! On Sunday, May 5, and again on Sunday, May 19, Chimney Rock Plaza in Houston will welcome shoppers to look at a wide array of arts items, farmers market treats, and more! This is a great family-friendly destination that you can enjoy to find unique trinkets, fresh produce, and other great products that are hard to find elsewhere. A farmers market is a great destination for anyone who wants to pick up fresh, healthy food. Remember that your diet choices can play a big part in your oral health. If you want to keep your smile safe from harm, make sure you eat right, keep up with good brushing and flossing habits, and attend regular dental exams with your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office! (more…)

Starting Early Orthodontic Treatment For Young Children

People begin the process of straightening their teeth through orthodontic work at different times in their lives. While braces are often associated with teenagers, many individuals will not seek out an adjustment until they are adults. What you might not realize is that sometimes, there are benefits to starting orthodontic work at an unusually young age. There are occasions where children can benefit from early orthodontic work, which can make straightening their smile more manageable at a later date. If you are keeping up with pediatric dental care, your dentist can let you know if this is recommended for your child. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is prepared to take on orthodontic care for people in varying circumstances, and with several approaches to orthodontic treatment. (more…)

Addressing The Harmful Effects Of Advanced Dental Decay

Even when a cavity is newly formed, and small, it is a concern your dentist will have to address. Promptly addressing restorative dental work can limit how much your tooth is ultimately affected by decay. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to recognize that something is wrong until the problem becomes serious enough to affect their pulp, and threaten the overall health of a tooth! Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to take care of you if you need work done on an advanced cavity. After making sure the issues with decay are totally managed, you can receive a convenient, and attractive, same-day dental crown! (more…)

Did You Know? Your Uneven Teeth Can Affect Your Bite

Why should you worry about the effect that poor dental alignment is having on your life? For many people, the effect a crooked smile can have on the way they look will be all the motivation they need to arrange orthodontic treatment. With that said, people who delay or ignore the issues around poor dental alignment can continue to experience problems because of them. One problem with uneven teeth is that your bite can be negatively impacted. A problem with your dental function can lead to pain, and an increased risk for problems caused by wear and tear for certain teeth. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is prepared to meet with you, and discuss your options for modern orthodontic care! (more…)

We Have Technology To Make Your Custom Crown At Our Office!

What are you supposed to do when your tooth is injured, or seriously affected by decay, and you have no restoration to protect it? Because restorative dental work at many offices requires dental crowns made in third party labs, patients are left with temporary crowns until their permanent restoration is ready. Our Belllaire, TX dentist’s office can spare you that uncomfortable period thanks to our CEREC technology! With this advanced technology, we can restore your problem tooth with a dental crown made at our practice. In addition to providing your tooth with the long-term support it needs, this approach also leads to the placement of a remarkably lifelike restoration! (more…)

Check Out The Houston Dragon Boat Festival May 4!

On Saturday, May 4, you and your family can check out Houston’s annual Dragon Boat Festival! Spectators can come out to downtown Houston and watch a number of rowers take to the Buffalo Bayou in their custom boats. More than thirty groups will have boats on the water this year, with each craft decorated to show tribute to Asian and Asian-American culture. When you want to relax, your idea of a good time might be floating on a large body of water. Did you know that water also has a role to play in keeping your smile healthy? Drinking water instead of flavored beverages can cut back on your sugar intake, and staying hydrated can help you naturally fight tooth decay. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to help you and your family maintain healthy smiles by providing smart tips, and important oral health services during regular dental exams. (more…)