What Can Your Dentist Do About Your Chipped Tooth?

Chipping your tooth can hurt, and it can hurt your smile. What should you do if you find yourself with a chip that is hard to ignore? Even if it is relatively minor, this problem can certainly affect the way you look. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can meet with you to examine the issue, and provide a recommended treatment. In many cases, cosmetic dental work can effectively restore the look of your tooth, and make you comfortable with your smile again. If the damage is serious enough to create a concern over further problems, a dental crown can be provided. (more…)

Untreated Alignment Problems Can Affect Your Oral Health

Different issues can affect the quality of a person’s smile. Dull, discolored teeth can be a concern, as can problems with dental damage or wear and tear. If your teeth are poorly aligned, you may find yourself upset because of gaps and overlaps that interfere with the way you look. If you have held off on orthodontic treatment, you should know that you are postponing more than just cosmetic dental improvements. By straightening your teeth, you can also reduce pressure on your jaw, and lower your cavity risk! Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office can talk to you about your options for treatment. (more…)

Your Child’s Dental Visits Can Have Lasting Benefits

As your child grows, what they need from you can change dramatically. Some of those changes can be obvious, but you may be less clear on some matters. For instance, you can be well aware that your child’s first set of teeth will be replaced over the course of their childhood, but less sure of how that affects what they need from their dentist. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to help young children who are still learning about oral health matters, and older children who – like their parents – can benefit from support in the fight against cavities and gum disease.  (more…)

Enjoy The Ware Family Park Celebration 1/26

On Saturday, January 26, families in and around Bellaire are being welcomed to a special event at Ware Family Park! During the park’s celebration, there will be hot dogs, games, and plenty of fun activities to enjoy. This event marks the grand re-opening of Ware Park, and is being hosted by the City Of and PATRONS For Bellaire Parks. Public parks encourage healthy family fun, as well as healthy activities that encourage people of all ages to enjoy some refreshing exercise. Your body’s health is important – your smile’s health is important as well. Make sure you take care of your teeth with regular dental exams. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office is ready to meet with you and your family to offer quality preventive dental care. (more…)

Making Your Trip To The Dentist’s Office More Comfortable

Modern dental work can help you feel better about your smile, as your Bellaire, TX dentist uses modern materials that can improve the look of teeth that seem unattractive. This care can also help you prevent troubles, as regular dental checkups give you early warnings about problems, and protection in the form of thorough dental cleanings. Of course, there is one big concern many patients have – how comfortable will you be in the dentist’s chair? You can be relieved to know that this is also something your dentist addresses, as our practice offers welcoming amenities for people who visit! (more…)

Take Part In The Caffeine And Chrome Event!

Bellaire residents can head over to nearby Houston for a special event that combines fast cars with caffeinated treats. During Caffeine And Chrome, classic car owners and people with an appreciation for timeless automobiles can gather together to see a variety of great vehicles! You can enjoy free admission to this event, which encourages people to look around and make the most of these special morning events. Caffeine can help us start our day on the right foot, but caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea are also capable of staining teeth. Remember that your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help by offering professional teeth whitening care! (more…)

Look Forward To A Successful Teeth Whitening Treatment

So you take the time to seek out a whitening treatment at the nearby pharmacy, or your grocery store, and you try to address the stains that have gathered in your enamel. What kind of results should you expect? If your interest is in making noticeable changes, you may be disappointed to find that your store bought product only offered limited results. Fortunately, you can talk to your Bellaire, TX dentist about addressing teeth stains with a professional whitening procedure. You can actually choose whether your treatment is done in the office, or handled at home – both can lead to great results! (more…)

3 Simple Changes That Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Preventing oral health issues can seem like a simple enough responsibility. You take the time to brush your teeth, and floss, and try not to overindulge in sugary, sweet foods and drinks, and as a result, your risk for decay is lowered. The process of preventing smile trouble can be straightforward, but unfortunately, patients still find themselves in need of help with cavities and gum disease. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can support you during regular dental exams, which include a professional teeth cleaning. You still need to do your part between those visits – with a few smart changes, you can improve your smile care routine. (more…)

Restore Your Smile By Seeking A Modern Dental Prosthetic

Tooth loss can be disastrous for your smile, particularly if you have a hard time keeping it hidden from view. You can also find that your daily life is made more difficult by the absence, as your gap can intrude on practical jaw functions like biting, chewing, and speaking. What you should know is that when you seek out a modern answer for tooth loss, you can enjoy benefits that address these functional concerns, as well as your appearance. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can offer you support in the form of a dental implant-supported prosthetic, which can remain stable when you bite, chew, and speak. (more…)

Early Treatment For The Following Concerns Can Be Important

How eager are you to ignore a problem with your health? It is natural to want to remain in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, it can be tempting to pretend a symptom of a problem simply is not present, or to convince yourself the problem is not a serious one. What you should know is that when it comes to your oral health, prompt attention for a problem is beneficial. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to help you identify problems in their earlier stages during routine dental exams, and to address them before you start to suffer from complications. (more…)