Gum Contouring

Recontouring a Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is one in which your periodontal tissues (gums) cover more of the surfaces of some teeth than of others. The result is an uneven, asymmetrical gum line that can make the rest of your smile seem uneven as well. The causes of a gummy smile differ from patient to patient, but in most cases, improving your gum line can be as simple as undergoing a cosmetic gum contouring procedure. Your dentist can carefully and artistically recontour your gum tissues to ensure that they proportionately cover every tooth and more symmetrically outline your smile.

How Gum Contouring Is Performed

Before recommending gum contouring, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and oral health to ensure that no issues such as gum disease or tooth decay are present. Your dentist will also ensure that your teeth are properly aligned and don’t require orthodontic braces or clear aligners to correct tooth placement issues first. If you are a good candidate, then your dentist will carefully plan your procedure to ensure optimal esthetic and oral health results. The procedure involves surgically trimming away the excess gum tissues to make your gum line even, and typically, it can be completed in just a single visit.

Learn if Gum Contouring Is Right for You

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