Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dental Health Services

Children should visit the dentist’s office for the first time shortly after their first tooth erupts or after the first birthday. This initial visit gives the dentist the opportunity to ensure that the tooth has erupted properly and that the child doesn’t exhibit any abnormalities that may lead to oral health concerns in the future. It also gives your child the chance to become familiar with the dentist’s office, dentist, and team, setting the stage for a lifetime of consistent dental health visits. By the age of three, your child’s dentist may recommend beginning a schedule of routine checkups and cleanings, typically at least once every six months.

Caring for Young Smiles

Caring for children’s smiles is primarily a preventive effort. Much of your child’s early care will involve education on the importance of good hygiene and tips on how to make brushing and flossing fun. It will also focus on regular examinations and cleanings, much like general dentistry for adults, as well as addressing concerns such as increased risks of tooth decay or imbalances in your child’s bite (malocclusion). If necessary, we can recommend appropriate, custom-designed treatment to ensure your child’s optimal oral health.

Fluoride treatments

Fluoride is a mineral that effectively bonds to the mineralized enamel that surrounds and protects healthy teeth. When children exhibit weak tooth enamel due to inconsistent hygiene or an overindulgence on sweets, we can recommend a topical fluoride treatment that strengthens the enamel and makes your child less likely to experience a cavity.

Dental sealants

Dental sealants offer more direct protection against cavities by creating a barrier between teeth and oral bacteria. The sealants are made from invisible, biocompatible acrylic and are painted on to the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. They’re also biodegradable and will dissolve safely on their own over time so your child won’t have to return for an additional visit to have them removed.

Early orthodontics

Tooth misalignment (malocclusion) isn’t as common as cavities, but it can still pose a serious risk to your child’s long-term oral health. To avoid issues such as bite dysfunctions (bruxism or TMJ disorder), damaged teeth, and more, we can recommend early orthodontic treatment to begin guiding your child’s teeth, jaw, and oral structures into proper alignment.

Dental Care Designed Just for Children

Children’s dental health care is a combination of clinical expertise and a caring, compassionate bedside manner. For more information, schedule a consultation by calling Contemporary Dental in Bellaire, TX, today at 713-668-9119. We proudly welcome patients who live in Bellaire, Houston, West University/Southside Place, Southwest Houston, the Galleria area, and all surrounding communities.