Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Long Will It Take To Have Your Injured Tooth Restored?

The idea of a long wait for dental treatment can be particularly off-putting if you have an injured tooth. This is a situation people sometimes find themselves in, as they can be stuck waiting for their dentist to receive the dental restoration they need from a dental lab. However, your Bellaire, TX dentist can provide… Read more »

Addressing The Harmful Effects Of Advanced Dental Decay

Even when a cavity is newly formed, and small, it is a concern your dentist will have to address. Promptly addressing restorative dental work can limit how much your tooth is ultimately affected by decay. Unfortunately, people sometimes fail to recognize that something is wrong until the problem becomes serious enough to affect their pulp,… Read more »

We Have Technology To Make Your Custom Crown At Our Office!

What are you supposed to do when your tooth is injured, or seriously affected by decay, and you have no restoration to protect it? Because restorative dental work at many offices requires dental crowns made in third party labs, patients are left with temporary crowns until their permanent restoration is ready. Our Belllaire, TX dentist’s… Read more »

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Restored After A Serious Cavity

If a cavity is given enough time, a tooth can experience serious problems related to decay. If you are not keeping up with regular dental exams, you may not realize that you have an issue with a cavity until you start feeling the unpleasant symptoms of a tooth infection. At this stage, it will take… Read more »

Addressing Dental Damage With A Modern Restoration

There are many cases where a person experiences a dental injury, and is dismayed to see that their smile is now marred by a chipped or cracked tooth. With that said, you can be affected by a subtler form of dental damage in the form of wear and tear over time. You may feel that… Read more »

Why Wait? Count On A Same-Day Crown To Restore Your Tooth

When you arrange modern restorative dental work with your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, you can count on more than just attractive work – technology at our practice can also make your experience more convenient. If you need a dental crown to address advanced decay, or a dental injury, modern technology can produce your lifelike restoration… Read more »

Putting A Stop To Tooth Pain Caused By Advanced Decay

If your ability to put pressure on a tooth while biting and chewing is affected by pain, you may be experiencing the effects of a serious cavity. When decay reaches the point of causing active discomfort, you should seek our professional dental care. Your Bellaire, TX dentist can review the problem, and let you know… Read more »

3 Things You Ought To Know About The Treatment Of Cavities

When you understand the way a cavity affects a tooth – and how badly it can affect your oral health – you can see the value in seeking prompt treatment. Your Bellaire, TX dentist is ready to provide the appropriate restorative dental treatment if you experience trouble with tooth decay. To address the matter fully,… Read more »

What Can You Really Expect From Your Dental Prosthetic?

Is it really possible for a dental prosthetic to make a meaningful difference for your oral health function? You can see a clear cosmetic benefit to replacing a missing tooth, or missing teeth. However, patients can be unsure of how reliable a dental restoration might be when it comes to biting, chewing, and speaking. If… Read more »

What Can You Do To Make Sure A Cavity Is Promptly Treated?

Would you like to give your cavity time to grow? How happy would you be to discover that your tooth decay has progressed to the point of causing an internal tooth infection, which will require a root canal treatment? When people only see their dentist because they fear something is wrong, they leave themselves at… Read more »