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Is Daily Stress Having An Effect On Your Dental Health?

Periods of stress can have a negative effect on your mood, and prolonged episodes can start to have an impact on your well-being. One thing you should be mindful of is the way your stress levels might affect your oral health. It can feel tempting to rush or skip brushing and flossing your teeth. You… Read more »

The Trouble With Eating Too Many Sweets

How can you resist a sweet treat from your sweetheart? Candy and other treats can feel ever-present on Valentine’s Day. It could be given to you by a romantic partner, brought into the office by a generous coworker, or simply hard to resist at the grocery store. With that said, remember that being too indulgent… Read more »

The Value Of Dental Cleanings For Your Long-Term Oral Health

Are you really doing a good job protecting your teeth by brushing and flossing? You need to be consistent with both, and thorough enough to clear away any collections of bacteria or food debris. While diligent daily care is important, and capable of providing meaningful smile support, you should know that these cleanings are not… Read more »

You Should Treat Teeth Grinding Like A Serious Concern

How concerned should you be if you wake up with pain in your jaw, or dental sensitivity? These can be signs of nighttime teeth grinding, which can be a big problem for your smile. People who deal with this problem, often referred to as bruxism, can wind up doing damage to their teeth if they… Read more »

Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health With Regular Checkups

Building a solid routine around your oral care, and maintaining these habits consistently, can help you protect yourself against troubles with your smile. On an ongoing basis, you should keep up with the kind of persistent brushing and flossing habits that help you fight the formation of plaque, and avoid a buildup of tartar. Of… Read more »

Taking These Actions Can Help You Avoid Trouble With Tartar

If you are maintaining a smart, consistent oral care routine, you can protect yourself against an accumulation of tartar. Throughout the day, harmful agents can build up on your smile. Concentrations of material like food debris and plaque can be effectively removed with good brushing and flossing habits. When you fail to fully clean your… Read more »

Flossing Can Help You Avoid Problems With Gum Disease

You should definitely take tooth decay seriously, and make sure you are doing enough to effectively prevent problems from affecting your teeth. One thing you should NOT do is assume that your oral health efforts are solely about protecting your teeth – you also need to care for your gums. If you want to maintain… Read more »

Making Your Trip To The Dentist’s Office More Comfortable

Modern dental work can help you feel better about your smile, as your Bellaire, TX dentist uses modern materials that can improve the look of teeth that seem unattractive. This care can also help you prevent troubles, as regular dental checkups give you early warnings about problems, and protection in the form of thorough dental… Read more »

3 Simple Changes That Can Help Improve Your Oral Health

Preventing oral health issues can seem like a simple enough responsibility. You take the time to brush your teeth, and floss, and try not to overindulge in sugary, sweet foods and drinks, and as a result, your risk for decay is lowered. The process of preventing smile trouble can be straightforward, but unfortunately, patients still… Read more »

Early Treatment For The Following Concerns Can Be Important

How eager are you to ignore a problem with your health? It is natural to want to remain in the best possible condition. Unfortunately, it can be tempting to pretend a symptom of a problem simply is not present, or to convince yourself the problem is not a serious one. What you should know is… Read more »