How Veneers Offer More Attractive Smiles

The quality of your smile can be a source of pride, or it can be a source of discomfort for you. What you should know is that if you currently feel less than happy with the appearance of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry offers meaningful approaches to care that can produce exciting results! Our Bellaire, TX dental practice can recommend a service that produces results after a single procedure even when you need to take on many issues at once. One way we can do this is by providing porcelain veneers, a set of thin but durable restorations that offer lasting benefits for patients concerned about discoloration, problems with enamel damage, and more!

Are You Currently Unhappy With Your Smile?

Whether you have general concerns about your smile or specific flaws that you hope to address, it can be hard to feel a lack of confidence in the way you look. A person’s smile can be one of the first features we notice. Individuals who feel that they are attracting attention for the wrong reasons can have a harder time maintaining their confidence, and it can be more difficult for them to make positive impressions in social and professional environments. The good news is that with the right cosmetic dental procedure, matters that concern your smile can be effectively addressed and resolved so that you look forward to sharing your smile when you enter a room.

Using Porcelain Veneers To Make Cosmetic Improvements

Porcelain veneers are thin restorations that are affixed to the front surfaces of teeth. They require less preparatory work and coverage than dental crowns, which have to surround teeth entirely. Your veneers will be custom-made to make sure you have the right appearance after treatment, and to make sure they have no issues with remaining secure.

Veneers are placed over the course of two appointments. At your first visit, the necessary preparatory work is handled. That includes the gathering of measurements used to create custom restorations as well as preparatory work to ensure that your teeth can properly hold them. When you return, your dentist will affix your veneers to their corresponding teeth after confirming that they boast the right dimensions to give you your ideal improvements. Thanks to the durability of the porcelain material used to create them, veneers can be relied on to provide improvements that last for many years.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Porcelain Veneers

By taking on cosmetic flaws with porcelain veneers, you can make meaningful improvements to your smile that give you a welcome jolt of confidence. We can help you fix conspicuous issues with individual teeth, or we can work with you on taking on more ambitious smile improvements. If you would like to find out more about how we can support you, please reach out to Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.