Orthodontic Work And Your Oral Health

People often start looking at their options for orthodontic treatment because they want to address issues with the way they look. Through treatment, you can improve your smile by correcting problems with visible gaps and overlaps between teeth, and you can generally make your appearance more attractive by making your smile more uniform. As beneficial as corrective work can be, there are also oral health benefits to treatment that you should be aware of. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can provide different treatment options, including discreet approaches with lingual braces and clear aligners, to help you resolve problems with malocclusion.

Can A Problem With Uneven Teeth Really Affect Your Oral Health?

If your teeth are not even, you can feel some embarrassment over the way you look, as the spacing troubles you have can attract unwanted attention. Gaps and overlaps create conspicuous flaws, and they throw off your appearance by making your smile asymmetrical. These problems can affect you in other ways. Overlapping teeth can prove more difficult to clean, which means you are more likely to have issues with tooth decay and gum disease over time. Misalignment can also negatively affect your bite function, which can lead to TMJ disorder.

Discussing Orthodontic Treatment Options

There are several orthodontic treatment options for those who want to do something about malocclusion. Metal braces remain an effective option for those with spacing issues and overlapping teeth. They can even help those who have more serious issues with poor alignment. In addition to this approach, we can provide alternatives that are more discreet. With lingual braces, you can preserve your appearance more easily, as your braces are placed on the backs of teeth. Another option for care, clear aligners, rely on a series of appliances that are removable. Each one is worn for a set period of time as they gradually move teeth into better positions. Because you can take them out on your own, they can prove easier to adjust to than fixed appliances.

Fully Addressing Problems With Your Bite

For people who are already struggling with jaw pain, bite difficulties, and other problems associated with TMJ disorder, we can discuss more than just orthodontic work to improve dental functions. With the right approach, we can make it easier for you to maintain a bite that relies on even, comfortable movements while putting less stress on your joints and muscles.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Orthodontic Work And Your Oral Health

Through orthodontic treatment, our practice can improve your appearance as well as your oral health! We provide different approaches to treatment, which makes it possible for us to resolve difficulties in ways that best suit you. To find out more, please contact Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.