Why Are My Dentures Starting To Feel Loose?

Dentures are made for individual patients, with care taken to ensure that they fit comfortably and are easy to keep in place. Unfortunately, they can begin to feel less secure as time passes. This lack of support can become an issue due to jawbone deterioration, which occurs after losing teeth. What can you do to stay comfortable with your restoration? Through the use of dental implants, a denture can be permanently set in place. In addition to stabilizing your denture, your implants will stimulate your jawbone to prevent deterioration from occurring. You can find out more about this approach to prosthetic dental work, and find out if you are a good candidate, at our Bellaire, TX dental office.

Do You Feel That Your Prosthetic Is Giving You Less Support Than It Used To?

When a person loses teeth, their jawbone stops being stimulated by the roots of those teeth when they bite and chew food. The stimulation is important because it sends a message to your body to move nutrients to the bone and provide support. When you lose that stimulation, you become vulnerable to a gradual deterioration of bone density. This change can cause unwelcome effects for your appearance and oral health. If you currently rely on a removable denture, it can feel less supportive over time as these changes occur.

Using Dental Implants To Secure Dentures

In addition to using a single dental implant to hold one dental crown, we can use several implants to hold a larger restoration in place. After a careful study of your jaw, we can identify the ideal locations for your implants to hold a full denture in place. As you heal from that placement, your jawbone will fuse with the implants and provide impressive stability. When it is the right time to do so, we will bring you back in and restore your full smile with your implant-held denture!

The Long-Term Benefits Of Using Dental Implants To Hold Restorations

An implant-held denture will create stimulation in your jawbone tissues, which will lead to the return of nutrients to the bone. In addition to providing this benefit, an implant-held denture offers more functional support, which means you can enjoy a wider selection of foods. You can also enjoy the greater comfort of a restoration that does not slip or lose its place!

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Concerns Around Loose Or Insecure Dentures

Our Bellaire, TX dental office is ready to meet with patients who wish to permanently restore their smile with an implant-held denture. In addition to providing more functional support and comfort, this type of restoration can address the issues with jawbone deterioration that occur after tooth loss. To find out more, please call Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.