Using A Same-Day Crown To Restore A Cracked Tooth

The pain from a cracked tooth can be hard to ignore. Unfortunately, discomfort is likely not your only concern after a dental injury. You can feel embarrassed by visible damage to your enamel, and you can have a difficult time biting and chewing without making the problem worse! Restorative dental work is often needed when you experience physical trauma. At other practices, patients who go in for help can learn that the process of restoring their tooth will take at least two appointments. However, for patients at our Bellaire, TX dentists’ office, a procedure can be completed in as little as one day thanks to our same-day dental crowns! Because we can design and place a crown in just one day, you will not have to depend on a temporary crown or wait to have your tooth properly cared for.

Why Your Tooth Needs To Be Protected After An Injury

You should seek treatment as soon as possible after suffering a dental injury. In addition to hurting your appearance, a crack or chip can negatively affect your ability to bite and chew. Waiting to do something about the problem makes complications more likely to occur. Your tooth can be further damaged, or you can develop an infection that leads to more issues. To help you recover in the shortest time possible, we welcome patients for emergency dental procedures, and we also use CEREC technology to provide same-day crowns.

Receiving A Same-Day Crown For Lasting Support

Many dental practices require at least two appointments for people who need crowns because they need a third party dental lab to produce their restorations. Our crowns are made on-site, as we use CEREC technology to measure your tooth, digitally design it, and produce it for you! CEREC crowns are made with ceramic, so the restoration that you receive will closely match the appearance of your healthy tooth. Because we digitally measure your tooth and determine the right shape and size of your restoration, we can make sure that it looks natural and provides a comfortable, secure fit.

Is A Crown Always Needed When You Crack Your Tooth?

Cosmetic dental work can be recommended when a patient suffers a tooth injury. To see if this is the right approach for you, we will have to provide an evaluation. Remember that prompt care reduces your risk for complications, which means we are more likely to be able to offer more conservative treatment options! Waiting makes you vulnerable to more damage to your enamel, and makes time for a tooth infection to form. When your tooth becomes infected, you will need root canal therapy to return it to good health.

Our Bellaire, TX Dentists’ Office Provides Same-Day Crowns

At our Bellaire, TX dentists’ office, we use CEREC technology to produce dental crowns that are ready to support teeth after just one appointment! To find out more, please┬ácontact Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.