How Same-Day Dental Crowns Fit Into Cavity Treatment

Your Bellaire, TX dentist will only use a dental crown during cavity treatment when a tooth is too damaged for a dental filling to be effective. After a cavity forms, it will keep growing and damaging more of your enamel. Eventually, the damage can become so severe that a tooth has to be fully covered to stay safe. It is often necessary to perform root canal therapy as well, as an infection can develop because of the cavity. Same-day crowns shorten the process of restoring a tooth affected by an advanced cavity. We can produce a lifelike restoration that is capable of comfortably covering your tooth and imitating its appearance. Because of this, we can finish treatment in less time and restore your confidence in your smile!

When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

Teeth need permanent protection after cavity treatment. The unfortunate truth is that cavities do permanent damage. You cannot stop the spread of decay on your own after a cavity forms, and your tooth will not heal itself even after bacteria and decayed tissues are removed. Fillings and crowns provide structural support and keep bacteria from re-infecting your tooth by infiltrating a damaged space. Your dentist will determine if you need a filling or crown by closely studying the impact of decay. If there is too much trauma for a filling to be effective for care, we will use a crown instead.

Using A Same-Day Crown To Restore Your Tooth

Many dental practices ask their patients to schedule two separate appointments to finish treatment with a dental crown. They break the process up because they need to receive the personalized crown from a third party lab. We have CEREC technology in our office that lets us design and create lifelike crowns in just one visit. After taking digital measurements of the tooth, we can design the crown, produce it, then fit it over your tooth to provide permanent protection. The crowns we provide in this way are made from a ceramic material that imitates your healthy enamel, and can even match the color of your surrounding teeth to effectively blend in.

Avoiding Problems That Require Dental Crowns

While cavities make restorative dental work necessary, it is not always necessary to place crowns. By scheduling regular dental checkups, you ensure that you have regular updates about the state of your teeth. At these visits, your dentist can spot cavities that are newly developed and treat them with fillings. These visits, along with smart care at home, will also reduce your risk for cavities.

Discuss Treatment With A Same-Day Crown At Our Bellaire, TX Dental Practice

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