How Dental Implants Help Preserve Your Remaining Teeth

Dental implants are used to support restorations that will hold your replacement teeth. With an implant in place to hold a prosthetic tooth, or multiple implants to hold a larger appliance, you can have an easier time biting, chewing, and speaking. You can also make sure that your remaining teeth have more support. An implant is placed directly into your jawbone. To ensure a successful placement, your Bellaire, TX dentist will actually take care to determine where a missing tooth’s roots were located. By setting an implant in this space, we can provide greater stability for neighboring teeth, as their roots will have more support, making them less likely to shift in time. An implant (or implants) will also help by stimulating the surrounding bone tissue, which is important for keeping the bone from deteriorating.

Unresolved Tooth Loss Can Carry Real Oral Health Consequences

If you do nothing about tooth loss, you can have more than just an incomplete smile to worry about! Even one missing tooth can change your bite function as well as your appearance. This problem can also make you vulnerable to losing more teeth, as the two teeth on either side of a gap are less supported. What this means is that over time, they could shift and become less secure. When this happens, you are more likely to lose more teeth, which will require more involved restorative dental work to ultimately give you back your full smile.

How Dental Implants Help Keep Neighboring Teeth In Place

A replacement tooth is directly affixed to your dental implant, which is inserted in your jawbone to hold a restoration securely enough to let you bite, chew, and speak without worrying that it might shift or loosen. What might surprise you is that with an implant, you can also have an easier time keeping neighboring teeth secure. Because it is located in the same space as your lost tooth’s roots, it will act to support its neighbors the way those roots did.

Dental Implants And Your Jawbone Health

When dental implant support is relied on to hold a replacement tooth, or a larger restoration like a dental bridge or full denture, more than your smile can be restored. Implants stimulate the surrounding jawbone tissues. When that stimulation occurs, it sends signals that lead to the movement of nutrients to the area to support your jaw’s health and preserve its density. Patients who have ignored problems with tooth loss for an extended period of time can lose bone mass over time, leading to problems with their appearance and oral health.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office About Dental Implants

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