How Clear Braces Resolve Frustrating Smile Problems

The overall comfort you feel toward your appearance can be significantly affected by the quality of your smile. Problems with teeth that are poorly spaced, that overlap awkwardly, or experience any other alignment flaws can make it difficult for you to enjoy confidence in the way you look. At our Bellarire, TX dentist’s office, problems with malocclusion can be dealt with so that they no longer make you feel self-conscious about the way you look. We can actually make the process of straightening your teeth less awkward by recommending clear braces for your treatment. While traditional orthodontic appliances are permanently affixed to your teeth, where they can draw undesired attention, your clear aligners can be removed easily, and they can prove difficult for others to notice!

Is Poor Smile Alignment Affecting Your Appearance?

Your embarrassment over smile gaps, awkward overlaps between teeth, and other problems caused by malocclusion can feel difficult to address. Patients are sometimes hesitant to start talking about orthodontic treatment because they worry about how braces will affect their appearance and daily life. Because orthodontic work takes time, you effectively have to commit to a prolonged period of time where an appliance is present on your teeth. With clear aligners, you can feel more comfortable with the way you look when they are in place, and you can quickly remove them when they are in your way!

Learn More About Clear Braces

Clear braces provide people with malocclusion an opportunity to straighten their teeth without receiving unwanted attention because of conspicuous braces. The aligners you receive will be difficult to notice when you wear them, which can make you feel more comfortable during the day. They are also easy to remove, which removes any concerns about eating or practicing good oral hygiene.

To fix your teeth, you will wear a series of aligners, with each one bringing you a step closer to a straightened smile. At set times, you will move from one appliance to the next. Because this arrangement takes away the need to manually tighten appliances, you can move through your adjustment with fewer check-ins with your dentist!

Orthodontic Work Can Also Help With Your Oral Health

Did you know that your smile alignment can actually affect your risk for experiencing issues like TMJ disorder, or that crooked teeth can be more difficult to clean properly? After fixing flaws with misaligned teeth, you can grow more comfortable with your appearance while also putting difficulties with your oral health behind you. This is why your dentist could recommend orthodontic treatment during a dental exam, where oral health difficulties can be traced back to smile gaps and overlaps.

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist About Treatment With Clear Braces

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics is prepared to help change the way they look with clear braces! These appliances can offer the benefits of orthodontic treatment while avoiding the need for metal braces. To learn more, please call our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office at 713-668-9119.