Want Better Results From Brushing? 3 Things To Consider

woman showing 3 fingersWhat should you expect from your brushing routine? Sometimes, people with less than effective routines expect that they will keep their teeth bright and healthy over time. What they come to learn is that their efforts have been ineffective, which means they need to worry about issues like tartar buildup, discoloration, gum disease, and dental decay. Before you find out that you need restorative dental work, you may want to take some time to think about how your brushing habits could improve. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, patients can receive guidance on their routines on top of receiving important preventive care during routine dental exams and cleanings.

1. You May Need To Spend More Time Brushing

You may need to commit more time to your brushing efforts in order to fully clean every area. How long does it currently take you to clear away bacteria and food debris? If you are not giving yourself at least two minutes to clear away harmful materials, you can leave certain areas insufficiently cleaned. More time spent brushing will make it easier for you to work over every portion of every tooth…including those teeth that are harder to reach.

2. Frequent Feelings Of Fatigue Can Hurt Your Ability To Consistently Brush

If a lack of sleep leaves you groggy in the morning or fatigued at night, it can be difficult to commit your full attention to brushing. Because of this, you can have a harder time avoiding problems that might require treatment at a later date. Feeling tired often can also make it harder to endure a full day without some extra caffeine. Caffeinated drinks are often acidic, and many (like soft drinks and energy drinks) are high in sugar. Because of this, using beverages for an energy boost can make a person more likely to need a dental filling or dental crown at a later date!

3. Make Sure You Swap Out A Toothbrush When It Starts To Wear Down

The right tools are important for oral health tasks. For instance, you should stick with dental floss if you want to remove harmful agents between teeth. You should also make sure that you are cleaning your smile with a toothbrush that has not become worn down. Over time, the bristles of a brush can become dull and frayed, making it harder for you to perform the kind of cleaning you should to protect yourself against bacteria and food debris buildup.

Our Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office Can Help Patients Improve Their Oral Health Care Efforts

Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office helps patients keep their teeth free from problems that demand restorative work. If you would like to learn more about our practice and services, you can reach Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.