Enjoying Successful Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

healthy smile, showing off attractive teethIf your cavity is so severe that a dental filling will not help, what is it going to take to restore your tooth? To address your needs properly, it may be necessary to arrange a root canal procedure. This procedure removes infected and damaged tissues from your pulp, the central chamber of a tooth. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we can perform this procedure when necessary in order to stop decay from doing any more harm to your tooth. After performing this procedure, we can provide a custom dental crown to provide lasting protection. Crowns are able to fully cover your tooth, delivering a degree of support that fillings do not offer. Because our practice has CEREC technology on site, we can actually craft and place your permanent dental crown in as little as one visit!

The Effects Of Tooth Decay Worsen Over Time If No Treatment Occurs

Through your daily oral care routine, you have the ability to stop oral bacteria from causing any cavities. Unfortunately, you will not be able to protect your smile if a cavity has already formed. Patients will sometimes discover that they need cavity treatment during a routine dental exam. While this might be surprising news, it can be a relief to know that a problem was caught and treated before complications occurred. Because it can be difficult for you to notice that a cavity has started to form, you can let decay worsen until the damage is more than a filling can cover. If the cavity exposes your pulp, bacteria can enter and cause problems with infection.

Arranging Treatment For Your Advanced Cavity

Patients who develop advanced cavities can experience painful toothaches, suffer from sensitivity, or even see the area around their tooth swell. If you are showing symptoms of this problem, the tooth can be evaluated to determine if a root canal procedure is necessary. When performed, the root canal will see your dentist remove infected tissues from your pulp, then seal it to stop further problems from occurring. After this work is completed, you can move forward with plans to restore the tooth with a dental crown.

Our Same-Day Crowns Can Lead To Complete Treatment In Less Time!

Dental crowns often require at least two appointments, as it is often necessary for practices to have third party labs produce their custom restorations. With the CEREC technology at our office, we can take care of your tooth by providing a custom dental crown available in just one appointment. These crowns can be made to match the color and texture of your surrounding teeth, which means that your smile can benefit from treatment as well as your oral health!

Talk To Your Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office About Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

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