Is Everyone In Your Family Taking Good Care Of Their Teeth?

Parent helping child learn to brushAre all of your family members currently cavity-free, or are you concerned that someone in your household might require restorative dental work during their next oral health checkup? In many ways, kids and adults face the same risks when it comes to dental decay, and their approaches to preventing problems can be similar. However, there are some differences, particularly because kids are still learning how and why they should care about the condition of their teeth. With the right encouragement and support, everyone in your family can show off healthy, happy teeth. Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office has experience working with adults, plus we can help kids take care of their smiles during pediatric dental checkups.

What Issues Put Kids At Risk For Tooth Decay?

A child’s teeth are protected by enamel, just like an adult’s, but they can face greater cavity risks because they are newer to oral health care responsibilities. In addition to having less experience and practice brushing and flossing, kids can have a more difficult time resisting unhealthy foods and drinks that can hurt their teeth. Parents can help by modeling good practices while brushing and flossing, and by making sure everyone sticks to smart meal and snack choices.

Are You Doing A Good Job Keeping Your Teeth Healthy?

Hopefully, your kids are taking good care of their teeth. With that said, their smiles should not be your only concern – you should also worry about your own dental health! During your regular dental exams, you and your dentist can discuss ways to improve your brushing and flossing efforts to avoid problems with tooth decay and gum disease. You should also be mindful of how your emotional or physical health can impact your smile. Struggles with sleep deprivation and stress may interfere with your commitment to clean your teeth, and they can lead to problems with teeth grinding that cause further problems.

Smart Diet Choices Can Help Your Smile Stay Healthy

While kids often find it difficult to ignore cravings for sweets, people of all ages can be tempted by products that are packed with sugar. Be mindful of this when selecting your meals and snacks, as you may be surprised at how often you indulge in products that can increase your cavity risks. Be particularly careful when it comes to your drink choices. Choosing water over soft drinks at meals can help you avoid teeth stains as well as tooth decay, plus you can count on water to help you wash away food debris that could become stuck to teeth.

Our Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office Provides Oral Health Care For Area Families

Our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office has experience caring for kids and adults in and around our community. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you preserve your family’s healthy smiles, please call Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics at 713-668-9119.