3 Ways Stress Can Negatively Impact Your Dental Health

Living with stress is hardly a recipe for a good time. With that said, it is important to take not of how stressful periods can affect your quality of life, and how they can influence your health. Should you be concerned that periods of prolonged tension and anxiety might affect your smile? An individual dealing with stress may lose focus when it comes to their oral care routine, and they can be more likely to form a teeth grinding habit. At our Bellaire, TX dentist’s office, we want to make sure our patients have access to quality preventive dental care in the office. We also want to provide insights on how you can make sure your oral health is being effectively maintained between your appointments, as this helps you stay safe against cavities and gum disease.

1. Stress Can Cause You To Grind Your Teeth

You may begin to grind your teeth when you are trying to manage higher stress levels. If you do this while awake, you can make a note and attempt to relax your jaw muscles. Unfortunately, bruxism can be difficult to control because people often grind or clench while they sleep. In time, this can cause undesirable changes to your smile through a buildup of wear and tear. You may even chip or crack a tooth, which can call for restorative dental work! A custom mouth guard can stop bruxism from further hurting your teeth at night. Through stress reduction, diet changes, and adjustments to your sleeping position, you can further limit the effect of bruxism on your smile.

2. Are You Still Keeping Up With Your Oral Hygiene Routine?

Ideally, you should focus on caring for your smile by cleaning your teeth at least twice a day. You should also be mindful of how different foods and drinks can impact your dental well-being. These matters can be harder to focus on if you are not doing a good job controlling your stress levels. Without the right preventive measures in place, you may allow plaque and tartar to build up, which can lead to further oral health difficulties.

3. Periods Of Stress Can Make A Person Susceptible To Dry Mouth

Why should you worry about dry mouth? Your ability to produce saliva can impact your resistance to problems like tooth decay. When you have stretches of dry mouth, your body provides less saliva, which makes it harder for you to keep your teeth clean. Dry mouth can also be connected to your diet, and it can be caused by certain medications.

Our Bellaire, TX Dentist’s Office Helps Area Families Maintain Good Dental Health

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