Orthodontic Work Can Help Solve A Problem With Your Bite

When you have no issues with your bite function, you may put little thought into the processes of biting and chewing. When jaw problems DO become an issue for a person, they can experience pain as a regular part of their meals and snacks, and may feel discomfort throughout the day. One means of correcting bite problems is the straightening of a person’s teeth. If you have poor dental alignment, you may be moving your jaw awkwardly, leading to stress that builds to TMJ dysfunction. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can provide orthodontic treatment for patients who have problems that affect their bite function. We can also work with you to put an end to ongoing problem with TMJ dysfunction.

A Problem With Your Bite Function Can Lead To Discomfort, And Dental Health Issues

An even bite minimizes pressure on your jaw, and allows you to distribute the work of biting and chewing effectively. When you have a problem with your dental function, you can begin to develop chronic stiffness and soreness that affects these routine motions. With that said, it can be difficult for someone to improve their bite if they have uncorrected issues with dental misalignment. In order to put an end to discomfort, orthodontic work may be called for. While the cosmetic benefits of an adjustment are often recognized, the oral health value of treatment should not be overlooked.

Starting Orthodontic Treatment

As part of a plan to improve your bite function, and address oral health vulnerabilities, you may require orthodontic work. Conventional metal braces are often used to help people who have poorly positioned teeth. However, there are other treatment options that you might want to explore. Lingual braces are placed on the back of your teeth, not the front. This is a relief to people who are worried about the cosmetic effect of their adjustment. People who want to keep their adjustment discreet can also inquire about clear braces as an alternative to a fixed appliance. Clear braces are custom-made inserts that you can remove at appropriate times. They can make your experience with a correction feel less awkward, and less intrusive.

An Oral Appliance Can Also Help With TMJ Dysfunction

It should be noted that orthodontic work is not the only answer for TMJ dysfunction. Sometimes, restorative dental work is called for in order to help a person bite and chew more comfortably. Our practice can also help you by providing you with a custom appliance that positions your jaw in a way that relieves stress on the joints and muscles. Over time, this can help you relax the joints, and reduce your discomfort.

Talk To Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics About Solving A Problem With Your Bite

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