How Advanced Technology Lets Us Design Your Crown In-House

If you have to undergo treatment for a cavity, or another oral health care problem that requires restorative dental care, it can be a relief to reach the end of your work. Because our Bellaire, TX dental practice relies on modern technology to produce high-quality restorations, you can look forward to having your work completed in less time than you might think possible! We use CAD/CAM technology to digitally design and produce dental crowns that will be used to restore our patients’ teeth. These restorations are carefully crafted to provide a custom fit, and they are able to expertly mimic healthy tooth structure. As impressive as these modern dental crowns are for their appearance, they can also be counted on to provide great functional support!

We Use Modern Technology To Craft Lifelike Crowns In One Appointment

The technology we use to produce dental crowns in our office offers convenience, and impressive cosmetic quality. The first step in your crown creation and placement is the measuring of your tooth. This information is captured digitally, and it is used to design a restoration that will provide an ideal fit. That fit matters because a crown needs to be a proper size in order to stay secure, and feel comfortable. Once the design is ready, our in-house milling machine will craft a dental crown made from porcelain, which we can then fit on your tooth. Because all of these steps can fit into one appointment, you can complete necessary dental work with minimal delay!

When Is A Dental Crown Necessary During Oral Health Care?

If a cavity grows too large before it is identified and treated, your dentist may not be able to restore your tooth with a dental filling. In this situation, a crown will be used to provide the support you need to address the damage cause d by decay. Crowns are used to protect a tooth after a root canal procedure is performed. By keeping up with regular dental exams, you are notably less likely to let a cavity grow until you need a crown. This will preserve more of your healthy tooth structure, and require less work from your dentist when decay is dealt with.

Making Plans To Avoid Future Problems That Require Dental Crowns

What can you do to make sure you avoid needing another dental crown? If you are not already seeing your dentist for semiannual dental exams, you should start doing so. These checkups provide you with great preventive care, and help you by ensuring that any problems you experience will be caught and promptly treated. You should also focus on making improvements to your daily routine – focus on better brushing and flossing habits, while also monitoring your sugar consumption more carefully.

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics Can Craft Your Custom Crown In-House

A custom dental crown made with modern technology can be ready for you in just one appointment! At Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics, we are proud to make modern restorative work available. If you have questions, or if you want to learn more about our modern dental technology, you can reach our Bellaire, TX dental practice by calling 713-668-9119.