Enjoy The Cosmetic And Dental Benefits Of Straight Teeth!

Is orthodontic work just about making your smile look better, or is an adjustment meant to be an oral health correction? You can actually find that your appearance AND your oral health can benefit when you have work done to correct gaps between teeth, overlaps, and other alignment troubles! At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can provide you with the right orthodontic appliance to effectively straighten your smile. At the end of this work, you can find that you have more confidence in your smile, while also being better protected against tooth decay and jaw issues.

Orthodontic Work Is About More Than Just A Means Of Improving Your Appearance

Many people can see orthodontic work as a means to enjoying a more attractive smile. This is certainly a benefit to your adjustment, as you can count on your straightened teeth to improve the symmetry of your appearance, and make you look healthier. With that said, there are other advantages to having straightened teeth that should appeal to you. When your teeth overlap, it can be more difficult for you to fully clean them whenever you brush. After they are properly spaced out, it can be easier for you to stop plaque and tartar buildup from occurring. You can also discover that your bite function can improve from having your teeth straightened. This can reduce your risk for problems with pain or functional limitations caused by TMJ disorder, and it can prevent certain teeth from being overworked.

Starting Your Orthodontic Treatment

After making plans to straighten your teeth, you and your dentist can work together on planning your adjustment. Because there are multiple appliances to choose from, you can review your options for treatment. As you go through your correction, you can find that your smile is gradually looking more and more like you hoped it would. During this process, your dentist can check on your progress, talk to you about any concerns, and provide any manual adjustments needed to keep you on track for your smile improvement!

Talk To Us About Using Discreet Clear Aligners For Your Correction

Are you interested in a more discreet approach to orthodontic work? Lingual braces can be a welcome alternative to traditional braces, as they are set on the back of your teeth instead of the front. You can also discuss using clear aligners for your adjustment. Instead of a fixed appliance that is manually adjusted, you will receive a series of removable clear aligners that are difficult for others to observe. As your adjustment proceeds, you move from one custom aligner to the next. Being able to remove the appliances on your own can make them feel less intrusive.

Talk To Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics About Straightening Your Teeth

At Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics, patients can look forward to great orthodontic care! Our practice offers different solutions for problems with poorly aligned teeth. To find out more, you can reach our Bellaire, TX dental and orthodontic office by calling 713-668-9119.