Do You Know How Much Harm Tooth Decay Can Cause?

If you have an idea of just how harmful a cavity can be, you can understand why it is important to seek restorative dental care as soon as you are aware of a problem. After all, the issue will worsen over time without treatment, but it can do limited damage if the matter is addressed early. At our Bellaire, TX dental practice, we can recognize signs of tooth decay at early stages by using advanced imaging technology during your routine dental exams. This can mean that your tooth only receives a small dental filling, rather than more involved treatment!

Tooth Decay Can Lead To A Painful Infection, And May Cost You Your Tooth!

When a cavity first starts to develop, it can do harm to a relatively small portion of your enamel. When this occurs, you will need restorative dental work, but the amount of work truly required for your tooth is limited. However, when a problem becomes more significant, you can start to run into worrying complications. Decay can grow to the point where the interior of your tooth is vulnerable to a painful infection. If this occurs, you can expect to feel ongoing pain and dental sensitivity. If too much time passes before the matter is addressed, your tooth may be harmed to the point that all your dentist can do is remove and replace it.

Arranging A Root Canal For An Advanced Cavity

Root canal procedures restore the health of teeth that are threatened by internal problems. During this treatment, your dentist will clear away an infection within your tooth, and remove harmful bacteria. Once your pulp (the inner chamber of your tooth) is restored, plans can be made to fully restore your tooth with a dental crown. Because our practice uses CEREC technology to produce crowns in-house, your tooth can be restored in less time than you might think possible.

What Can You Do To Avoid Future Issues With Advanced Tooth Decay?

Keep attending regular dental exams if you want to preserve your smile health, and avoid complications with cavities! During routine appointments, your dentist can carefully examine you for any signs of oral health trouble. Advanced images of your teeth can also be produced in order to spot signs of trouble that should be addressed. Of course, these visits can help with more than just early detection – the regular cleanings that are also provided during your time in our office help you avoid future cavities.

Talk To Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics About Treating Tooth Decay

At Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics, patients can enjoy quality care when they have a problem with tooth decay. Our practice is ready to help Bellaire, TX residents deal with oral health troubles, but we are also here to help prevent them by offering quality preventive care. For more information, you can reach Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics by calling 713-668-9119.