Options For Correcting Noticeable Smile Gaps And Overlaps

The gaps and overlaps present in your smile because of poor dental alignment can have a frustrating effect on your appearance. You can talk to your Bellaire, TX dentist to learn what your options are for correcting this sort of problem. When you do, you can find that several procedures have proven effective at improving this problem, and not every patient has turned to orthodontic work to address their problems with poor alignment. You can find out if you can rely on cosmetic dental work to hide gaps and overlaps, or if you would be better served moving teeth that are out place. With the appropriate procedure performed, you can look forward to showing off amazing smile improvements!

Relying On Traditional Braces To Correct Gaps And Overlaps

Traditional metal braces are often relied on by people who want to take on matters related to the alignment of their teeth. You can discover that with braces, you are able to shift teeth that are crooked, or poorly spaced, and enjoy more than just a better-looking smile. Patients who straighten their teeth can have an easier time biting and chewing, while facing a lower risk for problems with TMJ dysfunction. They can also make it easier to clean their teeth, so they are less likely to need restorative dental work. If you are worried about the effect braces might have on the way you look, you can discuss lingual braces – which are set on the back of your teeth – with your dentist.

Ask About Clear Aligners To Address Crooked Teeth

Clear aligners have proven to be an effective, discreet means of managing problems with poor dental alignment. Your dentist will take down all of the necessary information to plan a series of custom aligners. Each appliance takes you a step closer to showing off straightened teeth. In addition to being difficult to see, these aligners are removed without difficulty, which makes life easier when you want to do something like eat, brush, or floss.

Covering Gaps And Overlaps Through Cosmetic Dental Work

It may be possible for you to hide flaws like gaps and overlaps with a cosmetic dental procedure. Custom-made veneers can be designed specifically to address these issues with the way you look. This path is shorter than the one needed for orthodontic work. Once your veneers are designed, crafted, and placed, you can start showing off some truly impressive changes!

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics Can Help You Correct Smile Gaps And Overlaps

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics is ready to help you deal with those frustrating issues with smile gaps and overlaps. You can find out whether the best solution for you will be through orthodontic work, or cosmetic treatment. If you want to learn more, you can reach our Bellaire, TX dental practice at 713-668-9119.