Adjusting A Crooked Smile With Discreet, Removable Aligners

How easy is it to correct crooked teeth? What will your period of adjustment be like? Because more than one type of orthodontic appliance is available, your personal experience can differ greatly from someone else’s. If you move forward with treatment with clear aligners, you can find that your smile correction is remarkably easy to fit into your daily life. These appliances are easy to remove on your own, and you can wear them confidently with the knowledge that they are difficult for others to observe when they are in place. Your Bellaire, TX dental and orthodontic office can meet with you to determine if clear aligners are an effective solution for you. We can also talk to you about what to expect from life after your adjustment, and how a straightened smile can benefit your oral health.

Asking Your Dentist About Clear Aligners

If you are curious about clear aligners, and what they might be able to do for you, make time to talk to your dentist about them. Many people are more comfortable with the idea of clear aligners than having fixed metal braces put in place. After all, it may feel awkward wearing braces, particularly as an adult, so those hard-to-ignore brackets and wires can be less than appealing. While lingual braces do make it easier to keep your adjustment discreet, you may still prefer to have an appliance that you can remove on your own.

What To Expect During Your Adjustment

Clear aligners offer a more patient-friendly experience with orthodontic work, so you can find that life with clear aligners is something you can adjust to easily. You will be able to remove them when you eat and clean your teeth, so they will not feel intrusive. They are also easy to adjust to in your regular life because they are difficult to see, which makes it easy to remain confident in professional and social surroundings. While you do have the option of removing them before an event where you want to look your best, it is important to remember that they are discreet, and will likely be ignored. You should also remember that if you keep going without them for extended periods, your adjustment time can be extended.

How Important Is It To Straighten Crooked Teeth?

Straightening your teeth can improve your bite function, and protect you against issues that might require restorative dental work. A better bite is one that evenly applies force across all of your teeth, reducing wear and tear. A corrected bite function also reduces jaw stress, so you are less likely to struggle with TMJ dysfunction. If your teeth are currently crowded, straightening them can make it easier to keep them clean, so you are not as likely to have troubles later with tartar, gum disease, or tooth decay.

Talk To Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics About Clear Aligners

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics is proud to make quality orthodontic treatment available to our patients. If you want to ask questions about clear aligners, or if you have any other matters you wish to discuss, please contact our Bellaire, TX dental office at 713-668-9119.