Are Lingual Braces The Right Orthodontic Appliance For You?

Your issues with poor dental alignment can differ from another person’s issues, but the goal of orthodontic treatment is generally the same:  At the end of your adjustment, you should be able to show off a smile that is straighter and more attractive. What you might not realize is that just as orthodontic issues differ, orthodontic treatment options can differ, too. While metal braces can offer the kind of quality adjustment experience you desire, the idea of having a conspicuous appliance can be less than appealing to you. Your Bellaire, TX dentist’s office provides patients with access to lingual braces. Unlike traditional braces, lingual braces are difficult to see, because they are placed on the back of your teeth, rather than the front.

The Benefits Of Starting Orthodontic Treatment

It should be noted that there are big benefits to any orthodontic adjustment you choose. By shifting misaligned teeth into their appropriate locations, you can show off exciting cosmetic smile improvements. You can also improve your bite function by changing the positions of teeth, which can lower your risk for experiencing TMJ dysfunction. There is also a connection between orthodontic work and cavity prevention, as the act of straightening teeth that overlap can make it easier to keep those teeth clean.

Using Lingual Braces To Correct Your Alignment Concerns

Lingual braces, like traditional metal braces, rely on a system of brackets on your teeth, which are adjusted by special wires. Over time, your appliance will change your smile by gradually moving teeth. Between that steady correction, and manual adjustment, your teeth are straightened out. What makes lingual braces different is that the brackets and wires are on the back of your teeth, not the front, making them more difficult to see. This change can make lingual braces more appealing to adults and older teens who are concerned over the way braces might make them look younger, or less mature.

Exploring Your Options For Your Orthodontic Adjustment

In addition to traditional and lingual braces, your dentist can offer clear aligners to patients who want to make changes to the way they look. With clear aligners, you can enjoy convenience and discretion. The discretion is thanks to the clear design of your appliances – when worn, your aligners will be difficult to see. You can also be happy with your ability to remove these appliances when you need to clean your teeth, or eat.

Contemporary Dental And Orthodontics Can Offer A Smile Adjustment Using Lingual Braces

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